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Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Season 2 – CW Seed Animated Series Review (SPOILERS)

One of my favorite DC Comic book gay superheroes is back with a second prequel season on the CW Seed website. Raymond Terrell is a metahuman with light based powers bestowed on him. He battles not on his own Earth but on another Earth where Nazis have taken over and a small group of Freedom Fighters, both human and superhuman, attempt to over through this evil regime. Check out my thoughts on this second season, but lots of spoilers are a part of this!

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Freedom Ring – Marvel Comics’ Forgotten Gay Superhero (SPOILERS)

There once was a very short lived Marvel Comics superhero by the name of Freedom Ring. His name was Curtis Doyle and he was created by Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame. Unfortunately for Curtis Doyle, he was a novice at being a superhero hero and fell in a horrible humiliating way, even for an inexperienced superhero. He was part of the Marvel Team Up Vol. 3 comic book series and was printed in 2006’s issues #20-24. He has a sad story, but he did exist, if not just briefly.

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Animated Series Review Season 1 – (SPOILERS)

Have you seen the CW Seed animated series – Freedom Fighters: The Ray? It is only 6 episodes of 6-8 min shorts, but it is so good! I may be biased being that it stars a gay superhero voiced by gay actor (and super hot) Russell Tovey, but it is a great series nonetheless. Check out my thoughts on this prequel series to the Crisis on Earth X CW Arrowverse TV crossover in the video attached.

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The Ray – First Footage Of The CW Seed’s Animated Gay Superhero Show Has Been Shown

The first footage of CW’s gay superhero, the Ray has been released from San Diego Comic Con. The CW’s streaming service has released another animated series which starred Vixen in the past. This current series is titled Freedom Fighters: The Ray. In this we have our protagonist taking on evil versions of Arrow, Supergirl and the Flash in a parallel world where the Nazis won World War II.

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