This is my the last comic book review for the year 2017 and it is on a gay Class Comic book title called, Fit as Fuck, written and drawn my David Cantero. It is not exactly a comic book in story format, but it does have lots of comic book style illustrations. Sexy fucking hot illustrations! Learn how to incorporate some exercises in your daily routine that may make you jizz while burning lots of calories. Check out my thoughts on this book in the attached video.

The issue was written and drawn by David Cantero:
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I’m really asking. Is this a porn scene? It looks like one, but it could be photoshopped. Is this a real scene or a fight? If it’s a real scene, can someone tell me where it’s from?

Fuck You Review ManCast FINAL (4).Movie_Snapshot

Wow, holy fucking hell! Raw Fuck Club has some amazing scenes. This scene review has Dillon Anderson and Sean Duran in the title: Fucking Crazy. Wow it was fucking incredible! Totally intense and hot in every way. Check out my thoughts on it in the video below.

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Fuck You Review ManCast FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

Holy hell! One of Naked Sword’s newest movies, Fuck You, I’m Infamous is great. Four intense scenes with 8 hella-hot guys that are all bad boys. This was fucking incredible from beginning all the way to the end. Kudos to director Mr. Pam for making this.

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This movie stars: Ryan Rose and Draven Torres

Ryan Rose and Draven Torres

Diesel Washington and Tyler Rush

Tyler and Diesel

Vadim Black and JD Phoenix

Vadim and JD

Colton Grey and Cameron Diggs

Cameron and Colton

Fuck Me Im Famous Movie Review.Movie_Snapshot

Just recently received Naked Sword’s original movie – Fuck Me I’m Famous! This has an all star cast that includes several guys that I’m totally stalking online. Check out my thoughts on the scenes in the video below.

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This movie stars:

Adam Ramzi and Colby Keller

Adam Ramzi and Colby Keller

JJ Knight and Bray Love

Bray Love and JJ Knight

Jack Hunter

MickeyTaylor JackHunter

Wesley Woods and Mickey Taylor

Mickey-Taylor-Gay-Porn-Star-Wesley Woods

Pec Titty Fuck 1

I have seen many hetero porns, completely against my will or for research purposes (it is really gross to stomach through one) but there are certain things here and there that you notice in hetero porns that you see much more often in porn than it’s gay counterpart. One of which is the titty fuck.

Pec Titty Fuck

Granted, the vast majority of men out there do not have sufficient breast sizes to accomplish a full penis to be thrust back and forth through the gaps. But every now and there I do see some attempts at this to be made. Many gay men are not turned on by this and find that if other guys with muscular pecs have this ability, they do not want to see it be accomplished.

Pec Titty Fuck 2

I find it hot myself depending on the situation. I have attempted to find some images or porn that has chest play but almost all of it involves nipple play. Which is also a big fetish of mine as well, but it did not serve the purpose of what I was looking for originally.

Pec Titty Fuck 3
I have seen some images here and there and particularly I have seen some gay porn comics have guys get their pecs fucked. I know I’ve seen several Class Comic characters go through this. Patrick Fillion definitely has the large dick/chest guys and can accomplish this with little effort. So what do you think? Is this a hot thing? Have you seen it or have you participated in it? I am very curious if it was pleasurable for you watch or participate in.

Pec Titty Fuck 4

Pec Titty Fuck 5

Fuck Fairyland 2 YOUTUBE.Movie_Snapshot

The second issue to Image Comics – Fuck Fairyland or I Hate Fairyland has recently come out. Damn, Gertrude is pissed at the world and is not afraid to let everyone know about it. She is a totally fucked up woman in a little girl’s body. This issue she takes on a horde minions controlled by an evil witch. Probably not till the end of the series. And even then…

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This is my worst nightmare come to life. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. What the fuck is this from? Is this a porn? My penis is so confused. I feel turned on slightly but scared for my life at the same time. And not scared in a sense where I am scared to see how pleasurable this spanking is going to feel, but scared like-
Seriously, what is this from?









Fuck Fairyland Comic Book Review (3).Movie_Snapshot

What happens if you get sucked into a fantasy land that seems epic and beautiful as a child but get stuck there for your entire life? Well you’re not going to be the most balanced person after a while. That’s what happens with Gertrude, who is sucked into Fairyland. Skottie Young both wrote and drew this comic from Image Comics and it is pretty darn messed up. It’s awesome!

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