Wow, this was a great short film by ScissorFilms. It stars Nick Bateman as Gambit. Other than him having telekinesis with his cards, this was very impressive. We even have Daken (Wolverine’s bisexual son) as an antagonist. I’d love a full on movie based on this type of film. I have been wanting more X-People films based on individual characters OTHER than Wolverine since the beginning. What do you guys think?

To check out the studio and their work, head over to:


Who doesn’t love a good Cajun Mutant? Gambit also known as Remy Lebeau is one of the more famous X-Men of the 90s. He maintained as a steady member of the X-Teams for a good part of the 2000s and was both a hero and villain to the team. This figure is a badass scult that I’m proud to have as part of my collection.

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