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GeekySexToys Presents: Indulgers – Pleasure War Series

Are you a geek in need of superhero sex toys? Well over at GeekySexToys, they have exactly what you need!
It’s the Indulgers – Pleasure War series. Whether it’s the Hulk’s dildo dong or maybe the Infinity Gauntlet Fist itself, this series has what every pervy guy (I guess woman too), is looking for in a sex toy. I personally have my eye on that Captain America butt plug. What do you think?
Check out GayGeekySexToys Etsy shop at:
Or Their website: www.GeekySexToys

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Geeky Underwear – Do You Own Any? (Lots of Pics)

I do a post like this every now and then when I’m curious to see other guy’s underwear. Many guys have some geeky underwear here and there but also many do not. It all depends on the person. I have a couple pair myself, but I know some guys that have nothing but superhero inspired undies. Do you own any? At the end of this post, you can submit your own.

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Male Geeky Underwear – The Next Edition! Do You Have Any? (NSFW)

I had a rough weekend. Guys in geeky/superhero underwear always make me feel better. Do you have any? I’ve posted before and some of you guys have submitted your pics, so I hope to see more of them. Any geeky genre will work. You can submit your pics at the bottom of this post. So what are you wearing?

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Underwear Submissions! Mostly Your Pics – (NSFW)

Thanks to everyone who took pics and those that found other pics and submitted them to me. Most are geeky underwear and some are just hot pics of you guys in underwear. I took them regardless. I’ll never turn down mostly naked men pictures (or videos). I’ll do this again in a couple weeks. I may even submit a couple myself. I have a couple new pair I want to show off. Enjoy!
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Show Me Your Geeky Underwear! Please? (NSFW)

I have a thing for geeky underwear. I have to so many that I usually assume everyone else has at least one pair. After asking others for pics I found that not as many do as I may think. What about you? Do you have a pair of geeky underwear you want to show off? Submit them below and I’ll make a follow up post. In the meantime, here’s a bunch of super sexy hotties that do have some hot and nerdy underwear that they don’t mind showing off. Enjoy!

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Geeky Tattoo Submissions – Here’s Your Pics!


Thanks everyone that submitted your tats! I know one of these guys don’t technically have a geeky tat, but they are apparently geeks in real life. Some are not from the submitter either, but still, I’ll accept them. These are great, you guys rock so hard!

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Geeky Tattoos – Do You Have One?


I’ve got geeky tats and several more that I’ll be working on in the coming year. Do any of you have a geeky related tattoo? I am curious if you do, submit them to me here and I will do a follow up post in the coming week as what you all have.

You can submit you pics on this post below or you can email me directly at:

For motivation, here’s a couple from some Facebook people and one from a guy that I’ve mildly followed on Instagram:

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Geeky Underwear – Submissions!


Thank you everyone that sent pics and submitted them in the entry form I posted up last week! Some of you sent some pics to my SnapChat, which unfortunately I cannot save. I could screen shot it, but it’s not the same thing. Regardless though, thank you for all you guys have done. This was great. I’ll do this again in a couple months. I love seeing what everyone has on under their pants. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s geeky, and other times its just fucking sexy as hell. You guys Rock!

image20151230_17375720151230_153347-1IMG_20151231_134150IMG_20151231_134234imageHomeWorkSexualKinkSidekickimage1 (1)BlakeCaptainHe-Man JimmyHulkSpidey and FriendsSuperhero 3Superman 10Superman 13Superman 14SupesSuperman 16Pikachu 3

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Where is you Geeky Underwear for Halloween?

New Movie (2).Movie_Snapshot

Where is your geeky underwear at? I got a lot of submissions a couple months ago when I asked for your underwear pics and being that Halloween is right here, I’m sure a lot of you all have some kickass costumes/underwear to show off this coming weekend. I’ll get the ball started and show my Evil Paul underwear. Which is really just me after I took off my Nightwing costume with the black makeup still around my eyes. The uncover pic is available to my Patrons on my Patreon site.

Geeky Underwear 15Geeky Underwear 20

So send me your ...

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Geeky Male Sexy Underwear Post!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted up some geeky underwear pics. There’s been many that’s been sent to me and some that I’ve just randomly found here and there. Granted, some of these are not actual underwear, and it’s just guys wearing geeky shirts and no underwear. But I don’t think many people will mind. I need to make a submission page where any one can publish pics of themselves in their underwear. I know there’s tons more out there that I’ve never seen. Some are pretty creative too...

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