I’m not making this up in my head, am I? That is George Takei, right? I know he’s gay and we are all sexual beings, but sometimes it’s odd to see people act out sexual stuff. Like for instance I know that my grandparents never actually had sex but instead only hugged and my grandmother was just artificially inseminated …6 times…before it was even medically official to be able to do that. It helps me sleep at night to think that. Same thing with Takei. This is still funny though. Thanks Randall for putting this in my head.


Anyone who watches the hilarious animated show, Archer, knows that the main character- Sterling Archer, has a heroin addicted butler named Woodhouse that pretty much raised Archer since his childhood. The voice actor for this character was George Coe, who has had a many memorable characters in his time. Unfortunately he just recently passed away from cancer. This is so sad, and I hope that he did not have go through too much pain at the end. He was 87 years old and he was noticeably missing this past season of Archer. I am now thinking that this absence from the show was because of his health complications. He will be missed.