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Ghostbusters 101 #1 – IDW Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Some people really hate the new rebooted Ghostbusters movie universe. Personally, I loved the movie and I’m excited for the upcoming sequels in the work. IDW Comics currently Ghostbusters series will be exploring a crossing of worlds with the original Ghostbusters meeting the new Ghostbusters. This first issue does not have a lot of story to it, but it firmly establishes both worlds and that they will inevitably meet.

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The Ghostbusters Trailer Has Finally been Released! Thor is in it…damn!


Well Thor is not in this movie, but the studly Chris Hemsworth is the secretary/receptionist in this movie. Anyways, Sony has finally released the first trailer to the upcoming Ghosbusters movie. This has been highly anticipated by many fans, myself included. I am a huge Ghostbusters fanatic and have seen all the cartoons and read most of the US comics as well. This trailer definitely has a great mix of comedy, horror, and action...

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Ghostbusters Get Real – IDW Comic Book Series Review

Ghostbusters Complete (2).Movie_Snapshot

What would happen if the Filmation Ghostbusters met the Comic Book Ghostbusters? Well, here we find out in this IDW Series made by Erik Burnham and drawn by Dan Schoening. Check out my thought so this short 4 issue miniseries.

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Got the Ghostbusters PKE Meter, Neutrino Wand and the Ecto Goggles from Mattel…here’s my thoughts on them

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Ghostbusters Costume – So this happened…I love Ghostbusters!

I love Ghostbusters. Anyone else think that scene where Dan Aykroyd was molested by a ghost in his dream was hot? I think it should have been a male ghost, but whatever! I do love the series, the old toon, the current comic series and I really want a Ghostbusters 3 to come out.

Ghostbusters GayComicGeek Gay Comic Geek Costume

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