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Bound For Sodom – KinkMen UNCUT Gay XXX Bound Gods Series Review (NSFW)

It’s Bound for Sodom from KinkMen! This is a two part series that has Mormon Men Draven Navarro and Cody Winter, on their way for their missionary adventures. They stop in an abandoned town and first have a separate sexual adventure in an abandoned in the form of pervy Sheriff Dallas Steele and huge dicked Pierce Paris. Holy fuck, this was a great, dick dripping fun series. Check out my thoughts on the scenes in the attached video.

To see this scene in it’s entirety, go to: KinkMen.com

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Officer Boss is the Boss! – Bound Gods UNCUT Scene Review from KinkMen – With Tyler Rush (NSFW)

Tyler Rush is back at Bound Gods as an inmate who antagonizes his police officer capture, Jordan Boss. Since this is a Bound Gods scene, that is never a good idea to do unless you are really wanting a good old fashion pounding. Literally. It was pretty awesome!

To see this scene in it’s entirety, go to: KinkMen.com
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Kink Avenger – Breaking Point UNCUT Gay XXX Scene Review from BoundGods (NSFW)

Yes! We have more superhero porn that has been done. This time we have Sebastian Keys from KinkMen to thank for this recent scene called Kink Avenger – Breaking Point. Lance Hart is the Kink Avenger who is captured and “tortured” by the Sado Spectre, who was played by Scott Ambrose. This was so fucking hot! I love Sebastian Keys view on superhero capture and Lance’s performance was totally spot on. I didn’t know who Scott was until now, but I’m officially a fan...

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Fucking on the Job – A KinkMen / Bound Gods Scene UNCUT Review with Tyler Rush and JJ Knight

Fucking on the Job (3).Movie_Snapshot

Love Bound Gods and I especially love Tyler Rush being in it. The scene is not so intense that it would scare off non-fetish folks, but enough so that it will make you want more. JJ Knight has a huge dick and he uses it pretty damn good in this.

Check out my review on the scene below and when you’re done, see the actual scene at: KinkMen.Com

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This Scene Stars: Tyler Rush

Tyler Rush as Robin

JJ Knight

JJ Knight

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Mercilessly Fucked in the Woods & Buried Alive – Bound Gods with Tyler Rush & Trenton Ducati


I am sure that everyone is already aware that KinkMen.Com has a Bound God series. If not, the premise usually involves some storyline where an unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your standpoint) is usually abducted against their will and sexually violated against their will. The whole scenario is of course scripted and the participants are interviewed before and/or after the video to display their compliance.

This week, the geektastically awesome Tyler Rush is captured by Trenton Ducati an...

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Justice League – Gods and Monsters Animated Movie Review


This was a pretty good. I know a lot of haters don’t want to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as anti-heroes, but I liked this story. It’s completely different from what we’re used to seeing, but I think it was a pretty cool change. Here’s my almost non-spoilery video review.

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Mormon Boy Bondage – Kink.com UNCUT Scene Review

KinkMen.com has a series called
BoundGods that has a lot of awesome scenes to them. Some have a story to them, others are just scenarios. Recently they released a scene where Mormon Missionary – Elder Drake Tyler is attempting to go over seas, but needs the permission of Bishop Connor Macguire to do this.

Why are Mormon scenes so fucking hot?! I don’t know, but they just are! Check out my video review on the scene below and when you’re done, head to KinkMen.com to see the full scene.

Check out...

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Sermon not Semen – Bound Gods UNCUT Gay Priest Scene Review

Over at Kink.com there is a Bound Gods series that has lots of kinky stuff going on. I just found out today that there was a Catholic Priest scene that was made with Doug Acre and Hayden Richards. And holy fuck, it was hot and wrong at the same time!

I loved it and I hope they do more like this! Check out my video review below and then check out the full scene a: Kink.com and look for Gay- Bound Gods.

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This scene stars: Doug Acre (as the first ...

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Alien Abduction – Scene Review from Bound Gods – KinkMen.com

Over at Kink.com, or more specifically, their Bound Gods Series, they have done several Alien Abduction scenes with guys being violated by ‘Aliens.’

It’s a pretty hot series. This scene review includes Lance Hart’s recent shoot. Check more out on Lance over at PervOut.com

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This Scene Stars: Lance Hart


And Jesse Coltier


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Sex Addict from the Bound Gods series UNCUT Scene Review – From Kink.com

Kink.com has all kinds of different fetish sub-sites. This review comes from their Bound Gods section.

Both Josh West and CJ are super fucking hot guys. But I have to say that the actor, CJ, looks a lot like one of my ex boyfriends. Although, me and that ex did break up on good terms, seeing him be sexually tormented a bit in this scene, really made this worthwhile and extra horny for me.

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This Scene Stars: CJ Diamante

CJ Diamante

And Josh West

Josh West

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