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Jean Grey vs. Phoenix, Prometheus vs JLA & More – Comic Load 12/13/2017

It’s comic book day! A few good ones came out today. Tim Drake may be riding down the dark path in Detective Comics #970.
Wonder Woman takes on her brother and the daughter of Darkseid in Wonder Woman #36
Spider-Man teams up with Anti-Venom Agent Flash Thompson in Amazing Spider-Man #792
A Rogue has been killed in Flash #36.
Donna Troy finally gets some loving and attention in Titans #18
Superman is saved…somewhat, but Booster Gold in Action Comics #993
Jean and other psionic mutants in the Mar...

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Jean Grey Returns in December and Gets Her Own Team with X-Men: Red

Jean is not officially back yet, but Phoenix Resurrection #1 comes out in December 2017 and Marvel has announced that she will lead her own X-Team. X-Men: Red has been announced to come out in February 2018 and will be written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Mahmud Asrar.

Who do you think will be on her team? I’m guessing the recently revived Wolverine and maybe adult Iceman (he’s teamless right now) could be teammates. Who else?
Also, other than those huge shoulder guards, what do you think of ...

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Nate Grey Costume – First New Costume of the Con Season – Not Done Yet, but close

Still got a bit to go and I haven’t even started on the shirt yet, but I’m getting there with the first costume I want to get done by this Summer. Nate Grey- aka X-Man, is someone I’ve wanted to costume as for years. I don’t know why I took so long to start this. Jacket isn’t done yet and the belt still has to be done too. So, I have a bit to go, but he’ll be done soon. Then I can work on costume #2. I wonder who that is? Hmmmmm… haha…

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