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Halloween – What Did You Wear? (Some Pics of My Friends)

So what did you wear for Halloween? I pretty much stayed home and watched some old movies, but that was about it. Did you wear anything? Post a pic! Here’s some pics of my friends:


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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Drae Axtell, James Castle, Sean Xavier – Bareback Halloween (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: James Castle and Drae Axtell are getting ready for their gay sex Halloween party during their vacation together in Spain. Drae is going as a vampire and James is going as Frankenstein, and they are both taking the opportunity to show off their beautiful muscular bodies. As they are on their way out the door, Sean Xavier appears to show off his own costume – a giant unicorn mask. Everyone decides to skip the party to instead share Sean Xavier’s giant black cock...

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Halloween Hauntings Volume 1 – Class Comics Gay XXX Comic Book Review – SPOILERS

It is Halloween and a perfect time for lots of comic books that center around the horror/gay aspect of this holiday. Class Comics has compilation of their past comics that center on their character of Jack-O, who is a central superhero of Halloween. This is their first volume of comics that encompasses the theme of Halloween.

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Halloween – Are You Dressing Up? (NSFW)

There’s different types of guys that love Halloween. Some people like hardcore costumes that require a lot of thought and work. Some like sexy costumes that reveal most of their body. (Cue in the Mean Girls quote). Others just like to go out and do their thing with a minimal of costume apparel. What about you? Are you dressing up?

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Halloween – Post – POST – Update (LAST ONE, I Promise!)


So many of you guys sent pics to me after my last Halloween update that I figured I’d show one last post with all of your costumes. This will be the last Halloween update for the year, but there will always be a time when I ask for pics regarding something. I’m always appreciative of bulge pictures or superhero costume pics or maybe male ginger pics. I want to thank all of you for your support and say that you’re all incredible!
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Post-Halloween Costume Update – How Was Your Night? (NSFW)


Halloween 2016 has come and gone, how did you spend it? I got a lot of requests to show their costumes on my Halloween post. I think I included everyone that has submitted or emailed me their pictures. I spent the weekend at a friend’s place where he threw a great party. I was slightly sick, but still managed to have a good time. Here’s some pics of some of you guys in costume before, during and after Halloween. Did I miss anyone? Pic above provided by Mykul Jay Valentine.

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Halloween Slutty Costumes! (For Men) Do You Have One? Lots of Pics (NSFW)


Are you wearing a slutty Halloween costume this year? My buddy Derek put up a post where he was looking through some gender swapped Halloween costumes and all of the pics on that post were of sexy women. So I figured, lets see some sexy men in Halloween costumes. Not all of these are naked pics and I always encourage any interpretation of a costume to be made. Here’s a few of them. By the way, most of these pictures are online friends of mine and I gotta say, you guys rock these costumes!



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Jacko’s Horny Halloween Tales #1 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review


It’s Halloween and Class Comics has a new Comic Book ready for all gay comic book fans out there. Inspired by the anthology series like Tales from the Crypt or the horror movie Trick R’ Treat, this comic has everything you may want for this Halloween.

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Happy Halloween and be Safe!

Happy Halloween

Everyone be safe, don’t party too hard and for those of you that will be endeavoring out on costumed adventures, take pics! I love to post costume pics. If it’s monsters, superheroes, villains, ghouls, or if you’ve just sexified your costume. Whatever you do, I love seeing them. I can post them up tomorrow if you send them my way.

Mario BorsMummyWizardBatman

Sezy Zombies

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Sexy Male Halloween Costumes- What is you Costume? (It doesn’t have to be sexy) (NSFW)

Koolaid Man OH YEAH

What constitutes a sexy costume? Whatever the wearer thinks is sexy, well then that makes that costume in my book. I have seen several sites list up pics of men (and women) in costume that represents ideas for new sexy costumes for this Halloween month. I figure I should do that too! I do not think that all the pics are actually from Halloween, but what does that matter?

Green Lantern

Generally for a costume to be considered ‘sexy,’ this entails lots of skin to be shown...

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