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Treasure Hunter Jox #6 Gay Class Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

The conclusion to the Treasure Hunter Jox series by Tom Cray is out from Class Comics. This gay elf adventurer gets into the tightest of squeezes when he’s captured not only by a sexy daddy werewolf, but also by a gang of orcs. How is he going to get out of this mess? Check out my thoughts on this issue, but be warned, there are major spoilers!

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Bounty Hunters – Raging Stallion UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW)

Fugitives Riley Mitchel and Johnny Rider are out and on the loose and fucking any guy that gets in their way to escape. That is unfortunate (or very fortunate) for Kurtis Wolfe and Riley’s cellmate Jay Austin. Bounty Hunters Jay Landford, Lorenzo Flexx, Alex Mecum and Eddy Ceetee are tracking their movements through the dessert in this barebacking escapade or porn filled fun. Check out my thoughts on this Raging Stallion movie directed by the smoking hot Steve Cruz.

To see this movie, go to: Ra...

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Jox Treasure Hunter #5 – Class Comics – Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Treasure Hunter Jox is back in the 5th issue of writer/artist Tom Cray’s Class Comic series. He recently was released by his kinda/sorta lover Ganymede and now is being chased after by Reiwulf. However, there may be some other beings that are also mixed in the fray. Check out my thoughts on this comic book in the attached video.

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Congratulations to Wesley Woods & Jack Hunter for Grabby Award – Performers of the Year 2017! (NSFW)

The Grabby Awards were given out and I have to say that I love a lot of the winning performances and choice of movies/scenes. Wesley Woods and Jack Hunter well deservedly won performers of the year. Good for them! I slightly stalk both of them. Wesley is a hilarious stand up comedian and that Jack is an aspiring entertainer/actor himself.

The Grabby’s take place in Chicago. The awards go to gay porn studios and performers in many different areas. They’re sponsored by Grab Magazine...

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Didgeridoo Me! – UNCUT Scene Review – This is Controversial? Really? (NSFW)

Apparently some people are upset that a didgeridoo was used in a gay porn sex scene from No seriously. I had to research didgeridoo to even know what it was. This is no different from any other sacred piece device that many other cultures use, so I do not see the difference in this being used in porn as opposed to a crucifix. Which, a crucifix has been used before in the past in gay/straight porn as well. Regardless, Aspen and Jack Hunter deliver a great performance in this sce...

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So, Scott Hunter is pretty damn hot!

I sometimes get mildly obsessed with some entertainers here and there and I’ve been on a Scott Hunter kick all weekend. He’s incredibly talented and his looks fucking hot as all hell! Plus, he’s not shy about what he does and gets done to him on camera. His accent really just bumps up his sexy factor by like 10 times too.

I’ve posted about him before and he has his own site over at:

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Fearful Hunter – Gay Comic Book Review by Jon Macy

I do read a lot of comics and there are a couple actual gay comic books out there too. Here’s one by Jon Macy called Fearful Hunter.

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GayComicGeek does Scott Hunter, this guy fucking rocks!

Check out Scott’s site at: and his Youtube site at:

Check out some of his work over at Lucas Entertainment


Or over at


Of course there’s always TitanMen.


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Scott Hunter (Superman hottie and actor/model) has a new website and he’s starting a new calendar! It’s fucking hot!

Have you check out Scott Hunter’s webpage yet? This is s superstar hottie actor/model that I’ve had a crush on ever since I saw him in a Jasun Mark TitanMen movie – Nightfall. He just launched his new calendar too. Check it out, he’s awesome! Plus his accent is so fucking hot!

Check out his site at:

Web page

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Just cause he’s fucking awesome and I have a huge crush on him, here’s Scott Hunter

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