I saw it last night and fracking hell. It was great and it literally made me so creeped out. This is a great movie. I’ve heard almost universally positive reviews with a few exceptions. Some thought it was ‘Meh’ and others said that it was predictable. But it’s a book. I kinda figured it’d be predictable in some aspects. I personally loved it and I may see it again. Did you see it?

Maybe because I have a clown thing, but this looks scary. Why do we like to be scared? I want to see it just because it looks so scary. What do you think?

WHOA!!!! I know that the original IT had the Pennywise character played by Tim Curry and he can never be topped. Curry is one of the best actors in the world in my opinion. Out performing him is difficult to impossible to say the least, but that last image of Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise scared the fuck out of me. I have a thing against clowns. What do you think?

Skip it toy

Remember the Skip It toy? No seriously, do you? I never had one and never knew anyone that did have one. It was an attempt to make kids be active while incorporating a fun idea of jumping on one leg. It was lame even for the 90s, but they tried. Well, here’s an expensive version of the same concept with a “hooverboard/segway…thing.” Everyone seems to have different names for it. There’s nothing to say about this video really. I just found it humorous. Thanks Tom for sending it to me. All of you enjoy and will be entertained for exactly 20 seconds!

Like It Is

Ever see a movie based on a bare knuckle gay boxer? Neither have I, until now. This is entertaining but really lacks a lot of direction. There definitely isn’t any real love story involved here. The main characters are not relate-able, but not because of them being fake but the characters just do not seem all that real. Which is a shame, it is a unique story.

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