The other day I shared Watts The Safeword’s video on cloning another guy’s cock. Now a small fantasy of sucking and fucking your own re-created cock has come to life over at Johnny Rapid leaves his Fleshjack and his dildo, both modeled after him, at a bar. This is where bartender Justin Matthews finds and proceeds to play around with them. This was a pretty fucking awesome scene, just the beginning was enough to get my dick hard. Check out my thoughts on this in the attached video.

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This scene stars: Justin Matthews and Johnny Rapid

I was jerking off this morning and I had this craving for ginger eye candy. I kept going back to model/performer/super sexy man – Johnny V. He sometimes looks ginger-y and sometimes just looks blonde. Either way, I love this guy. Johnny V is a fucking superstar beauty and I can’t help but blow a load here and there from his sexiness. Not to mentiont that he’s a super nice guy! Here’s a couple of his hot pics from several of his movies.


The Flash XXX Parody Part 2 from from is out. This time we have Barry Allen taking on a metahuman briefly and then returning to base to meet up with Ramon for some down time. We get some decent effects and a great costume. I wish we got the costume used more, but at least we got something at the beginning. Check out my thoughts on this scene in the video below.

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Flash – A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 – UNCUT Review – powered by ManCast

This scene stars: Pierre Fitch and Johnny Rapid


Stealth Fuckers 12 MANCAST (2).Movie_Snapshot

It’s the Stealth Fucker Series Part 12! This time we have Johnny Rapid with Paul Cannon. Check out my thoughts on this scene in the video below.

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Starring: Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid

Paul Cannon

Paul Cannon

Johnny Juice Part 1 UNCUT (3).Movie_Snapshot

What is it about being played around with and being fucked in public while everyone around you is oblivious to it? I don’t know myself, but it’s fucking hot! In’s scene- Johnny Juice, we see that exact scenario. You gotta love Johnny’s face as he’s being pounded behind a curtain. It’s so incredibly sexy. I loved it! Check out my thoughts on the scene in the video below.

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This Scene stars: Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid

Jay Rising

Jay Rising

Ass Bandit Part 2 from is out! Unfortunately we do not have the same effect of having the boyfriend in the next room and that chance of being caught, but both Johnny Hazzard and Will Braun are hot enough for the scene to be good.

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This scene stars: Will Braun

Will Braun

And Johnny Hazzard

Johnny Hazzard’s – Johnny Rapid Weekend comes to a close with their latest vid-” target=”_blank”>Double Booked!

Good way to end it! Can’t wait to see more of Johnny in future scenes.

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This scene stars: Johnny Rapid

Johnny Weekend

Alex Adams

Alex Adams

Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson’s has brought back Johnny Rapid! He was gone for a couple of months for personal events and now he’s made his return in a huge way. He’s going to be in a couple of scenes in the coming weeks, and he makes his debut with, Not Brothers Yet Part 3

It was a great way to start things up!

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This stars: Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid

This scene also has, Scott Harbor

Scott Harbor

I just found out that wants Justin Bieber to do a gay sex scene. I would want to see that. He won’t do it. But honestly, I would like to see Bieber get splacked. I don’t know if I’d get turned on by it, but I definitely want to see it.

Do you want to see it?