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Justin Case and the Closet Monster – Gay Comic Book Review

What if there was an other worldly dimension that assigned gay supernatural beings to all closet gay people of the world to be their familiars? Many people would have supernatural beings to guide the LGBT community in much more positive avenues. Writer/artist – Mark Julien explores this concept in this collective volume of his comic strip – Justin Case and the Closet Monster.

Website: JustinCaseandTheClosetMonster.com
Instagram: Instagram.com/justincaseandtheclosetmonster

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Justin Case and the Closet Monster by Julien Mark

Have you heard about Justin Case and the Closet Monster by Julien Mark? The comic strip consists of two gay men, Justin and Peter who are in the closet and struggling with coming out. Luckily for them, there are magical creatures that live in a parallel dimension that are assigned to every gay and lesbian person in our own dimension at birth to help out in just such a case.

I have only read the previews to this comic strip, but there is a lot of comical aspects to this series, there some serio...

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Dear Canada, Your Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau – is Fucking Hot! To the Bandwagon!

Based on about a dozen articles I’ve read this past couple of days, I had no idea how much I would be crushing on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Holy hell. I will not go into details about his meeting with the Führer in Washington and how they got his name wrong. So let’s just appreciate the awesomeness of Trudeau...

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Pop Star- Justin Bieber Gay XXX Parody from Men.Com (NSFW)


Last year Johnny rapid, representing Men.com offered Justin Bieber $2 million to do a gay porn scene. Obviously it did not happen. So instead Johnny is going to do a parody as Justin Bieber himself on Men.Com. The scene is called Pop Star. Sure why not? I’ll still watch it, because I love parodies. The scene is going to be released this Saturday, October 1, 2016. The Safe For Work version of the trailer is below.

To see this scene fully on Saturday, go to: Men.com

Visit my Patreon site for s...

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So, does anyone want to see Justin Bieber do a gay sex scene with Johnny Rapid on Men.com?

I just found out that Men.com wants Justin Bieber to do a gay sex scene. I would want to see that. He won’t do it. But honestly, I would like to see Bieber get splacked. I don’t know if I’d get turned on by it, but I definitely want to see it.

Do you want to see it?

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