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The Naked Knight #4 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics

It’s the final part to this first Naked Knight story written and drawn by Sunny Victor. Dylan is knocked out by his dad and Kev has to rescue him. Luckily he has the help of his robot buddy A-B to give extra support. Will Dylan and Kevin have a happy ending to this first series? Check out my thoughts on this issue in the attached video.

This issue was written and Illustrated by Sunny Victor and published by Class Comics.
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New Kids Cartoon on Hulu – ‘Bravest Knight’ – Will be a Fairy Tale Featuring Gay Dads

A new cartoon is coming to Hulu called The Bravest Knight. (See attached trailer below) This is based on Daniel Errico’s 2014 book “The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived.” The series focuses on Nia (Storm Reid), the daughter of a former pumpkin farmer, Sir Cedric (voiced by T.R. Knight), and Prince Andrew (Wilson Cruz). The two men are happily married. Sir Cedric is recounting his tales to their daughter Nia and “on how he transformed from day-time farmer to full-fledged knight.”

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Tales of the Naked Knight #1 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics (SPOILERS)

In the Class Comics universe, there is more than one perspective in overall story arcs. In the Naked Knight series, Dylan is the main protagonist, however there was a story taking place that was happening in the background. This issue explores Gordon and Tommy, two police officers investigating the disappearances of men at the local gay club: Naked Knight.

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Naked Knight #2 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics (SPOILERS)

Naked Knight #2 – the next chapter in Dylan Prescott’s adventure to becoming a cosmic superhero. He has to help free captured sex slaves and deal with his own unique origins. What is he and where does he really come from?
Check out my thoughts on this second issue in the attached video.

The comic was written and drawn by Sunny Victor.
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Velvet Collar #1 – UNCUT Gay Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

Male escorts are not often talked about in many comic books. Writer Bryan Knight breaks this taboo and goes into the life of a couple different prostitutes in this first issue of Velvet Collar #1. This issue was drawn by Dave Davenport and stars several real life people. It is loosely based on the real life RentBoy Federal investigations. Bryan is accepting offers from readers to be characters in the book as well as very supportive fans.

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Naked Knight #1 Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

New from Class Comics – The Naked Knight. He may be the savior for mankind against an alien invasion. Or maybe he’s working against humanity. Right now, we have no idea. Pretty damn awesome comic book from Sunny Victor.

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DK III #4 DC Comic Book Review – Dark Knight Returns Saga

DKIII  Issue 4 (4).Movie_Snapshot

It’s the fourth part in the DK III saga that was written by Frank Miller. The evil religious cult that was stuck in the shrunken city of Kandor have been released by Supergirl and Earth is in danger. Superman refuses to attack his daughter and things are looking bleak for Gotham.

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Robin Batman Arkham Knight Square Enix Play Arts Kai Toy Figure Review

Robin Arkham

Thank you Brian!!! I love Robin and this is one of the coolest of all the Robins released. He is quite large and part of the Arkham Knight figues from Square Enix. He is so fracking cool!

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DK III #3 DC Comic Book Review The Dark Knight Returns Series

DKIII  Issue 3 YOUTUBE (4).Movie_Snapshot

Issue #3, of the 3rd Series to involve the Dark Knight Returns Saga is out. The Kryptonians of Kandor are free, but these are not the kind Kryptonians that are like Superman. These are a religious cultist that are hellbent on domination and subjugation of Earth. How can Batman stop these beings? Not without a lot of help from others. And is that Donald Trump in this comic? As a heroic figure?

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DK III – Issue #2 – DC Comic Book Review

DKIII  Issue 2 YOUTUBE (3).Movie_Snapshot

Issue number 2 from the DKIII series came out. Batman is apparently dead and Gotham Police Commissioner Yindel is very skeptical about this. Another story front has the Atom, Ray Palmer, attempting to UNSHRINK the inhabitants of the City of Kandor. The problem is, all of these beings have Kryptonian powers. This could be a good thing or a very bad thing. How does Bruce Wayne play into in all of this? This is a great series and I am very excited to read issue number #3.

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