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Patreon Pimping Post for my Buddy – DannyLantern

Have you seen my friend Dan’s Patreon? I tell everyone that he’s my brother all the time. He’s closer to me than my birth brother. That says something right there. Check out his Patreon site when you get a chance. It’s pretty darn awesome...

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Danny Lantern Cosplay – One of My Bestest Buddies Page

I always post about my own Patreon page, but I do get a lot of help from one friends. One of my bestest buddies – DannyLantern is one of them and he’s badass costumer himself...

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Salaak Green Lantern DC Direct Series 2 – Toy Figure Review

Salaak – Keeper of the book of Oa. This toy figure is brought to you by Mr. Bear. Thank you Mr. Bear! This is a bit of an oldie figure as he’s a bit tougher to find without paying too much of an inflated price...

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Green Lantern PhotoShoot 2016


I took some pics over the summer on a very hot sweaty day and the pictures unfortunately were mostly lost. But there were a few that have surfaced. Here’s what I have gathered so far...

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Patreon Pimping – My Buddy DannyLantern


Usually I whore myself out, but this time around I’m pimping another one of my friends who represents the male cosplaying world. This is my friend, DannyLantern. This guy is awesome and one of my closest buddies that I’ve ever had...

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My Professional Red Lantern Cosplay Pics – These are fucking cool!

Did you see GeekedPhotos pics of me and my buddy Dan as Lanterns? These are cool as all hell! I need to be a villain more often. Villains just photograph more sinister and darker looking…and hotter looking...

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Green Lantern XXX Porn Parody Review (UNCUT VERSION)

Not the worst porn parody out there, but definitely not the best either. This movie stars:





Brody Wilde



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Green Lantern is Gay?! (Thanks

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Denzel Washington as John Stewart aka Green Lantern in Superman vs. Batman? What do you think?

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Sexy Geeky Pics

That Green Lantern is fucking hot!

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