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Gun Show: Locked and Loaded – Raging Stallion Gay XXX UNCUT Review (NSFW)


What happens at Gun Shows? Well in this satirical look at a gun show in an unspecified location, Steve Cruz explores this notion. In gay porn style. Isn’t that the best way to explore anything? Holy fuck this Raging Stallion movie was hot!

To see this movie, go to: RagingStallion.com

This movie stars:

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Ever Have Your Junk Locked in Chastity? (NSFW)


Just curious. The device above was sent to me by one of you and my record is 5 days. I was about to explode after that. Although it was completely self imposed, it was kinda fun but also a bit frustrating. Last year I discovered this was a fetish among all sexualities. Surprisingly, I had several straight guys tell me that they enjoy wearing them when their female counterparts asked them to do it. So just curious, have any of you done this and for how long is your max?

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