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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Top-Daddy Maneul Skye Fcuks Jackson Radiz & Andy Star (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: Manuel Skye is the top daddy of Andy Star’s dreams. He’s handsome, has an incredible body, and wields a huge rock-hard cock between his muscular thighs. Andy loves nothing more than turning into a bottom-bitch fag for an alpha male like Manuel. And since Manuel can handle more than one guy at a time, he teams up with his boy-toy Jackson Radiz to double-team Andy… and Manuel’s cock eventually finds its way into Jackson, too! 

To see the full scene, head o...

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Lucas Entertainment Preview: Ben Bateman & Alejandro Castillo Double Penetrate Dakota Payne (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: Ben Batemen is in the mood to use his big uncut cock on a tight hole, so he teams up with his Mexican buddy Alejandro Castillo to do just that. Dakota Payne has an itch he wants these two guys to scratch, so he gives up his power and submits to take both guys up his ass. Ben and Alejandro even manage to squeeze both their cocks into Dakota’s ass at the same time, making for some hot, sweat-soaked double penetration! 

To see the full scene, head over to: LucasEnte...

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Donato Reyes’ Bareback Premiere – Wagner Vittoria Tops Bogdon Gromov (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: Fans of Wagner Vittoria know him as the bottoming boyfriend of Diego Lauzen, but over the years he’s broken out of that role to share guys with Diego; they enjoy taking turns filling up man-sluts with their raw dicks. Sometimes they play apart, and in this instance, Wagner cruises for the tight hole of a blonde Russian boy...

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Rod Fogo Bottoms For Damon Heart – Bareback Auditions 10: RAW DOGGED (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: Damon Heart is proving himself to be quite the no-nonsense top, as he shows his fans with Rod Fogo. Damon introduces Lucas Entertainment viewers to Rod in an interview for the fourth gay bareback sex scene of “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw-Dogged,” but before long he leans back and pulls out his cock for Rod to service. The guys strip down when the sucking gets old so Damon can pound Rod Fogo raw! 

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Lucas Entertainment Preview: Raw Dogged – Dylan James Fucks Daddy Nick Capra (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: Dylan James enjoys playing a daddy when he’s fucking a needy little bottom, but in the third scene of “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw-Dogged,” he’s the boy in the scene. And he is fucking Nick Capra, who could very much be Dylan’s daddy! Nick loves taking and throwing around a boy for his own pleasure, but for the right guy he will give it up and take dick down his throat and up his ass, and that’s exactly what he does for Dylan James’ legendary cock!

To s...

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Bareback Auditions 10: Shawn Reeve Tops Jackson Radiz (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: Shawn Reeve makes the new Lucas Man Jackson Radiz feel at home with a friendly bedside interview at the beginning of the second scene in “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw-Dogged.” But you know what would make Jackson feel even more at ease? Servicing raw cock, so once the talking tapers off, the guys strip down and Shawn presents his rock-hard cock to Jackson, who wastes no time taking it into his mouth and sucking...

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Geordie Jackson Pounds Devin Franco – Auditions 10: RAW DOGGED

Lucas Entertainment Preview: Geordie Jackson has proven himself to be a hot, European roughneck who treats his bottoms like objects instead of men — which is exactly why Devin Franco wanted a go in the sack with him. Georgie and Devin get to know each other in the first gay sex encounter of “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw-Dogged” before Devin gives in to Geordie’s top cock. And rest assured: Devin takes Geordie’s bareback cock long and deep in every position you can think of! 

To see the f...

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Manuel Skye Bangs Pheonix Fellington Raw – Take It Boy Scene (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview: The handsome salt-and-pepper daddy Manuel Skye appreciates a beautiful muscular body, and when he saw the perfection of Pheonix Fellington’s abs, he knew he had to have to have him. Pheonix is versatile in the sack, but since Manuel is a strict no-nonsense top, he had to prepare himself before taking Manuel’s rock-hard uncut cock for an extended period of time. His preparation paid off, because he gets his ass pounded by Manuel and loves every minute of it! 


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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Shawn, Carlos, Aaden, Damon, Dakota – 5- Way: Take It Boy (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment PreviewThe hot, all-American cutie Dakota Payne teaches his fans a valuable lesson in this gay bareback sex encounter: he can take two big dicks in his ass at the same time. Sure, it takes some time for him to relax and open up, but once he crosses this hurdle, you don’t hold back. The dicks I speak of belong to Damon Heart and Aaden Stark, and they have a lot of fun sandwiching Dakota in the between their lean bodies...

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Daddy’s Plaything – Dakota Payne & Rod Fogo w/ Geordie Jackson (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Preview:Rod Fogo (a hot Latino with a sexy tight body) starts messing around with his fuck buddy Geordie Jackson. Geordie is a strict top daddy-in-training who loves getting his dick serviced, and guys that love sucking his cock and taking it up the ass are not in short supply. But tonight it’s Rod’s privilege. The pair moves out of the hot tub and into the vacant nighttime lobby, but call the night quits and hit the locker room before anyone shoots a load...

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