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General Mills Cereal Monster Movie Universe is Being Made…No Seriously

General Mills is looking for pitches for a monster movie with the Cereal Monsters. Over on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, California, there is a billboard with Frankenberry. On the billboard states the website:, which is run by General Mills. They are looking for write ups and stories involving the cereal monsters and want fans to submit their pitches. Maybe the seldom talked about Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute will be in these movies...

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Justice League – Gods and Monsters Animated Movie Review


This was a pretty good. I know a lot of haters don’t want to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as anti-heroes, but I liked this story. It’s completely different from what we’re used to seeing, but I think it was a pretty cool change. Here’s my almost non-spoilery video review.

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Batman vs Harley Quinn- Justice League – Gods and Monsters – First Look- Very Twisted movie!

This is the first look of the new Justice League – Gods and Monsters – animated movie coming out later this year. Wow, this movie is not your typical Justice League movie. Just watch this fight between Batman and Harley Quinn to see for yourself.

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