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My Brother’s Husband – Gay Manga being Turned into a Live Action Mini Series TV Show

The Manga series My Brother’s Husband, written by openly gay writer Gengoroh Tagame, and published by Futabasha in the magazine Monthly Action is getting the TV treatment. The Manga series is focused on Yaichi and Mike Flanagan. Yaichi is a single father, and Mike is the widowed husband to Yaichi’s recently deceased twin brother, Ryōji. Yaichi’s daughter is Kana, who has a much better and open mind to homosexual relationships than her closed minded father...

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My Friend Dahmer – Graphic Novel and an Indie Movie Was Made – I Had No Idea!

I had no idea that a graphic novel and now an independent movie was made on serial killer – Jeffrey Dahmer’s teenage years. The graphic novel was written by John Backderf also known as Derf and Derf Backderf. The story goes along with Derf and his friendship with Dahmer from the ages of 12, all the way up to the day that Dahmer killed his first victim a couple weeks after high school graduation.

I was worried about reading this book because I know of the horrific things that Dahmer did to his...

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