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The Layover – NakedSword Gay XXX UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Mr. Pam (NSFW)

Taking place in 3 cities, The Layover has 7 hot playboys doing their thing in 4 hot scenes. This movie was directed by Mr. Pam and was a very jizz-worthy flick to watch in its entirety...

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The Ten Spot – UNCUT Movie Review from Naked Sword (NSFW)

Ever really need a place to get off immediately? This Naked Sword movie addresses that issue. Great movie, four different scenes with eight super sexy men. Mr. Pam directed this and she did badass job of it...

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The Legacy #1 – Naked Justice & Space Cadet – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Naked Justice and Space Cadet team up in this new

UltraFan – Naked Sword UNCUT Movie Review – Starring & Directed by Brent Corrigan (NSFW)


Oh yeah, this is fucking amazing! Naked Sword movies always deliver in the sex and with a well developed story. This time we have Brent Corrigan as a retired performer not wanting to get back into the porn business...

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Naked Justice Beginnings -Trade Paperback Vol. 1 – Gay Class Comics Book Review – Published by Bruno Gmünder

Ever wonder about how one of the most famous ginger superheroes in the Class Comics Universe started on his adventures? Go back to 1943 and we get out answer...

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Scared Stiff – UNCUT Naked Sword Movie Review – Directed by Chi Chi Larue (NSFW)


Oh hell’s yes! If you see one horror/porn movie this year, watch Scared Stiff. This is a Naked Sword production and has awesome campiness humor to it with lots of sexy men going at it in a 1980’s setting...

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International Playboys – NakedSword UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review – Directed by Mr. Pam (NSFW)


International Playboys from Naked Sword is out. Damn this is a hot ass movie with 7 awesome guys and 4 different scenes. This takes place over two continents very hot action. This is definitely a great adventure from the awesome director Mr. Pam.

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Fuck You, I’m Infamous – UNCUT Movie Review from Naked Sword – Directed by Mr. Pam (NSFW)

Fuck You Review ManCast FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

Holy hell! One of Naked Sword’s newest movies, Fuck You, I’m Infamous is great. Four intense scenes with 8 hella-hot guys that are all bad boys. This was fucking incredible from beginning all the way to the end. Kudos to director Mr...

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Berkeley – Naked Sword UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Mr. Pam (NSFW)

Berkeley Complete.Movie_Snapshot

Ever visit the town of Berkeley in California? One of Naked Sword movies, directed by the awesome Mr. Pam takes place in this town. In fact it is called Berkeley. The movie consists of 4 scenes and has 8 hot stars in it...

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Fuck Me I’m Famous – Naked Sword UNCUT Movie Review

Fuck Me Im Famous Movie Review.Movie_Snapshot

Just recently received Naked Sword’s original movie – Fuck Me I’m Famous! This has an all star cast that includes several guys that I’m totally stalking online. Check out my thoughts on the scenes in the video below.

Check out my review, below...

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