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She-Ra – Netflix First Look Teaser Trailer! What Do You Think It?

The Masters of the Universe community is divided on the upcoming She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series coming November 16, 2018 to Netflix. The style is much different than the original 1980s series and the story may very likely not involve She-Ra’s iconic twin brother, He-Man aka Prince Adam at all. The new teaser for the series has been released and still, there are many that either hate this look or they love it. What do you think about it yourself?

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Sense8 Series Finale Trailer – I Don’t Want it To End, but at Least We’re Getting and End!

Sense8 is one of the reasons that I joined Netflix to begin with, so I’m so happy that the series that finally had me join is getting and ending to it’s series. Season 2 left off on such a cliffhanger that I thought we would never get resolutions to the mysteries and the big – WHAT THE FUCK – moment that it left viewers pondering. The final trailer for the finale movie to the series has been posted and I am totally stoked by this. The finale airs on Netflix on June 8, 2018.

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Punisher – The First Full Trailer for the Upcoming Netflix Series Finally Came Out!

Wow, this Punisher trailer does seem as bloody as you’d expect. It’s not crazy horror movie – Saw level of bloodiness, but still it’s pretty darn good. What do you think?

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Sense8 Season 2 Trailer – Returns on May 5, 2017 – YES!

Sense8 season 2 airs on Netflix on May 5, 2017. I loved the first season and the Christmas/Holiday special was a nice way to tide me over. It was also a great introduction to Toby Onwumere playing as the new Capheus “Van Damme” Onyango. Former actor, Aml Ameen left the series.

If you have not watched Sense8, you should. It is a great Netflix series that I was not expecting to like as much as I did...

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Iron Fist Netflix Series Trailer – FINALLY! I’m Stoked!

My Name is Oliver Queen…I mean Danny Rand. Have you seen the full trailer for Iron Fist? I immediately started to think of CW’s Arrow from this trailer. We got several Iron Fist teasers back at SDCC and back in October, but Netflix/Marvel finally released another full trailer today. Danny Rand is being played by Finn Jones aka, the hot gay dude, Ser Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones.

If you are unaware of who Danny Rand aka the Iron Fist is, he is the bromantic partner to Luke Cage...

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The Defenders – Promo Pics and Luke’s Bicep

Entertainment Weekly posted some new pics for the Marvel Defenders series coming out. I know we’re not supposed to like pictures that objectify women (Jessica is turned so the viewer can see her ass), but can we appreciate Luke Cage’s bicep? Holy fuck!!! Yes please, more of him shirtless and please show more promos of him all sexified in the upcoming season of the Defenders. I can’t wait to see this series!

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Sense8 – Season One Review – Movie Pilot Article

So, did you see that Trans/Bi/Gay/Hetero Orgy scene in the show Sense8? That was awesome. It’s not the only reason to see the show, but damn does it help. A lot! Check out the article I wrote over at

The review at just went into more detail about a couple subjects and it gave my impressions on the first season of Sense8. I attached the video that I made as well, but you should check out the series if you haven’t done so yet.

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What did you think of the Daredevil series premiere on Netflix?

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