The latest Joe Gage TitanMen movie is out! We have four super smoking hot scenes with 6 sexy models performing some sizzling hot porn scenes. It’s pretty damn awesome in the sense of sexuality. No real story, but there’s a lot of fucking and sucking that totally gets you in all the right places.

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Jurassic Park Porn

I swear to Buddha, I thought I’ve seen or at least heard of every type of porn that exists. Wow, I was so wrong. This Thai company-, has apparently made a Jurassic Park porn that is based on the recent Jurassic World movie, starring Chris Pratt.

The site takes a while to load, I have no idea why. But once it did, I watched the SFW YouTube Trailer, it just confused me. Obviously guys are dressed in raptor costumes, but are they raping the men before they eat them? Or is that just what is being alluded to?

After exploring the site (which took a while being that everything loaded so slowly), I saw that they made several parodies, including Paranormal Activity, and a Zombie Gay Porn Parody too. Those actually look good and I kinda want to review them. Don’t judge me too harshly, but I want to see the Jurassic Park Parody too.

Anyways, check out the Jurassic Park trailer below:


I have been patiently waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out for YEARS! Finally we get some headway with some game play being shown at the Electron Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. And I have to say, I’m a huge South Park fan and the previous game, the Stick of Truth was like playing an episode out on your console. This time, we get to play as Coon and Friends!!! So I am so hyped up over this!

Check out the trailers that they’ve released and the game play for Kingdom Hearts 3:

[youtube] [youtube]


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