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Come on Gay Porn Companies, do a gay SUPERHERO PORN!


This is the new trailer for Axel Braun’s Batman vs. Superman porn parody.
Why don’t we have gay superhero porn? No offense to my hetero brothers and sisters, but in all rights and purposes, superheroes have so many gay qualities that can be exploited in the gay porn superhero market. It’s literally an untapped wealth of movie ideas.

A couple companies have touched on superheros briefly, like’s ‘The Arrow’ that was only one part...

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Green Lantern XXX Porn Parody Review (UNCUT VERSION)

Not the worst porn parody out there, but definitely not the best either. This movie stars:





Brody Wilde



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So we really need a good Gay Santa XXX Parody. What do you think of these candidates?

We have so many XXX movies with guys in Santa hats, or even fake Santas with fake beards on. Usually they spank or fuck some twink “elves.” But there are so many fucking hot studly Polar Bears out there with ACTUAL white beards and I think that they can do a good Santa movie soooooo it so much better! What do you think of these candidates below. The first one, I have to say is my favorite by far! He’s not even naked but just looking at him gets me hard...

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Best Wonder Woman costume ever!

And it’s for Axel Braun’s new JLA movie. Incredible! Gay porn parody makers, please make something this good!

Porn Wonder Woman

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Justice League XXX Porn?! God I hope so!

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Superman XXX – Porn Parody Review

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Getting Levi’s Johnson – XXX Porn Parody Review

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