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Male Geeky Underwear Pics!

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Have you kissed a ginger lately? They can be elusive at times!

Gingers are hot. And I’m only slightly obsessed with them. So here’s some hot pics. That is all.

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Ginger 3

Ginger 8

Ginger 9

Ginger 24

Ginger 28

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Even though I know they’re Fake, I love Naked Celebrity Pics


I love faked celebrity nude/sex pics. I don’t know why, but they still turn me on. Although James Franco is trying so hard to be a gay icon, his pics may actually be real.

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If we ever meet and you’re a guy, chances are, I’m going to check out your crotch at some point

I love bulges. Seeing dicks is fine, but I like to see the packaging first. Here’s some nice bulge pics I’ve found online and a couple that have been sent to me from you guys. The Superman pic may be photoshopped.

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I fake Celebrity Photoshopped pics

Not sure why, but I love seeing male celebrities in compromising sex situations. Even though they’re obviously fake, I still get turned on by them. Although some of these are of Colton Hayes and it’s not too tough to find actual naked/gay pics of him online.

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Cause everyone always wants Jockstrap pics of me…so why the hell not?

Gaycomicgeek jock strap

Gaycomcigeek jock strap ass

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From this angle, my pecs look huge!

From this angle, it looks like my pecs are huge. Yeah I know what else you can see. I still have some weight I have to lose from the holidays. But one week in- working out every day and no junk food for 8 days straight, not too bad. Let’s see how next week looks.



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Sexy Male Costumer of the Week- David Santiago!

Another of my hetero friends David Santiago. is This guy has a Superman body and major hot good looks. Plus he’s really cool. He’s costumed as Nova, hopefully who will show up in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie set to come out next year. Also he’s been Spider-Man 2099, he’s one of the best Ares (Marvel Comics version) that I’ve ever seen. I also think his Bucky Captain America is pretty damn awesome. What do you guys think? Check out his Facebook page for more pics-

David Cap Santiago Fac...

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I love old vintage gay pics (All non-sexual pics). These amaze me!

Granted, not all of these pics are gay couples. They could just be friends that embraced each other. Back in these times, the stereotype of being a ‘macho masculine straight guy that never shows affection for his fellow male’ was never even considered. I’ve seen several pics of my great granddad with his best friend in college and they almost looked like a couple in a few pics. Hell, he may have been gay for all I know, but I don’t think he was...

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I don’t know why, but I feel as though these guys lost awesome bets! Haha

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