The video isn’t NSFW, but close. This is a funny concept that I’m surprised more porn does not go in to. has joined forces with Border2Border Entertainment to bring you 🍿POP PORN!🍿. This contains some collected online comedians to give commentary on past series from I’d totally watch a full show of this. I’ve always said that outtakes should be included in porn movies as an extra incentive for purchasing their work. Sometimes you have to smile and realize that porn is not real and enjoy it in every aspect. But then make fun of it after you’re done jerking off.

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Last year Johnny rapid, representing offered Justin Bieber $2 million to do a gay porn scene. Obviously it did not happen. So instead Johnny is going to do a parody as Justin Bieber himself on Men.Com. The scene is called Pop Star. Sure why not? I’ll still watch it, because I love parodies. The scene is going to be released this Saturday, October 1, 2016. The Safe For Work version of the trailer is below.

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