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Power Rangers – SkiinMode’s Photoset – I Support a XXX Parody With These Guys (NSFW)


WHOA!!! These pics are from photographer Skiinmode and holy fuck. These are incredibly hot pics. Kudos to him for taking these and fulfilling a gay geeks dream. I fully support a porn parody being done on this.
Check out Skiinmode’s Instagram: Ins...

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Power Rangers 2017 Movie Review – SPOILERS!

Great movie! It was adult enough for all audiences to enjoy but kidified enough for children to love as well. It plays homage to the original 1990’s series but also opens up the door for a new universe to expand upon. I love it myself...

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Power Ranger Hunks – Who Else is Ready for Next Week’s Premiere?

Anyone else ready to see the Power Rangers movie next week? Despite the criticism I’m reading online about this alternate reality and how it is being portrayed, I’m excited. Also, I’ve posted about this once before, but damn these guys look good...

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Who is Your Favorite Ranger? Need a Power Ranger Butt Plug? GeekySexToys Have Them!

I love the GeekySexToys Etsy shop! I visit regularly just to see what their new products. They have a variety of toys for the geeks out there to have fun with...

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Communicator Toy Review

Thank you Willmer for getting this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Communicator! It’s so fracking cool! You can interchange the colors to be the Ranger you love best. Which is of course the Blue Ranger. At least in my opinion.

Visit my Patreo...

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Power Rangers 2017 Movie Trailer – With Original Music – This Sounds and Looks Badass!!!

I cannot wait to see the 2017 Power Rangers movie! I added the soundtrack from the original series, because I figured someone was going to do it eventually. I just I’d do my own version now...

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Justice League/Power Rangers #1 – Boom Studios & DC Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Never did I think that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would ever cross over into the DC Universe, but writer Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Byrne do just that! This first issue has a huge catastrophe take place that is set 36 hours in the future ...

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We Need a Gay Power Ranger XXX Parody – A Straight Version Was Made


That sexy picture of super studs above is the male cast of the new Power Ranger movie set to come out next year. Anyways, I have never heard of the site Woodrocket, but they are giving Power Rangers the straight porn treatment...

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All the New Male Power Rangers Shirtless are Hot!

Male Power Rangers Baby!

Have you seen the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers males, shirtless?! Fuck they’re all hot! I cannot wait to see this movie! pictured above are the Blue, Black, and Red Rangers respectively from left to right.

Rangers even Females

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