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Batgirl Designer Series Toy Figure Review

Everyone loves the Batfamily. Batgirl has been part of the Bat line for a while. Barbara Gordon first took up the mantle in 1967 and has been the most famous out of all of the women by far...

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K-Man vs the Evil Edgemaster UNCUT Scene Review from Men on Edge – KinkMen (NSFW)


You love superhero gay porn right? It’s not just me, is it? A few years back, KinkMen delivered this with several scenes that were released that catered to the spandex loving gay geeks out there...

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Daredevil – Marvel Select Toy Figure Review


Thank you Johnny aka Rashnu for getting me Daredevil! He’s gorgeous and I will happily add him to my Marvel Select Family...

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He-Man Thundercats #2 – DC Comic Book Review SPOILERS


It’s the second issue for the He-Man/Thundercats crossover that fans have been waiting to see for over 30 years. This issue is more Masters of the Universe heavy and barely shows the Thundercats, but we get an epic battle...

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Creepyween — Scream 3 Review


Title card by Whyboy of ToonGrin at:

In which the trilogy format does not compensate for poor direction and clumsy screenwriting.

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Hung Country – Raging Stallion UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Steve Cruz (NSFW)


Hung Country from Raging Stallion is out. This movie has 5 awesome scenes in the Spanish outback with 8 superman hotties. Steve Cruz directed this movie and holy fucking hell is it hot. Check out my thoughts on the movie in video below.

To see thi...

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Midnighter and Apollo #2 – DC Comic Book Review (Spoilers)


The second issue to Midnighter and Apollo is out. Last we left our heroes, Apollo was killed and dragged to hell. Now Midnighter has to find a way to get to his boyfriend and save him. The irony of two heroes going to hell is not lost on me...

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Mermista- Masters of the Universe Classics Toy Figure Review (Princess of Power)


Thank you for getting me this figure Bryan! I love Masters of the Universe Classics and I did miss out on a couple figures that was released in this toyline. Mermista is the mermaid superhero warrior of the Great Rebellion on Etheria...

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The Flash – A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 – Scene Review from (NSFW)


The first part to‘s Flash Gay XXX Parody has come out. We have Johnny Rapid playing Barry Allen, with Gabriel Cross playing the future meta, Dr. Frost. Jessy Ares makes a cameo appearance as Dr...

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Detective Comics (Still No Sign of Tim Drake), Wonder Woman, Titans and Batman Beyond – Comic Load 10/26/2016


This week we still have no Tim Drake showing up. He’s mentioned and a nice little memorial is set up, but he will be in limbo for a long time. Hal and Sinestro duke it out in Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corp...

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