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Mancrush Monday – Deadpool…I Mean Ryan Reynolds!

I have no idea how it happened, but the Amityville Horror remake was on my watchlist last night and I saw Ryan Reynolds playing the father. The movie was ‘Meh,’ but he was shirtless a lot in it. So that was nice. I decided to watch Deadpool (for the 15th time) afterwards and started to appreciate Ryan’s acting skills and his awesomeness all around. So he’s my Mancrush right now. There’s a couple fakes in the mix below. I really wish Deadpool could be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Visit my P...

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Ryan (Evil GCG Corp Member) & Codye’s – Wedding GoFundMe

My buddy Ryan Peachey, who is a member of the Evil GayComicGeek Corp is getting married to his long time boyfriend Codye. I cannot support all GoFundMe projects, but I will definitely support one my good buddy.

If you’re so inclined to help Ryan and his fiancé Codye, I’m attaching a link to his GoFundMe page. Like I said, both are awesome guys. Anything I can do to help, even just spreading the word, I’ll do it.

The site is located at: GoFundMe.com/Ryan-And-Codyes-Wedding

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Man Crush Monday & Cosplayer Spotlight – Ryan aka KJBodyBuilder

Meet Ryan, aka KJBodyBuilder. He’s somewhat of a beginner cosplayer, but he’s got great talent. He’s currently training for bodybuilding competitions and is already fracking huge! I have followed him online for some time, but I finally had the pleasure of meeting him at DragonCon 2017.

Ryan has his own GayComicGeek costume that he’s owned for a bit, but I was able to convince him to also don the grey/black “Evil” version of the costume as well...

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Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien Make Out – No Seriously!


This was hilarious and strangely sexy too. I’ve never thought of Conan O’Brien sexually, but I do think Reynolds in many romantic/sexual ways. A lot. Like really, I’ve thought of him a whole lot. Check out the clip for the making of the Notebook 2. The whole bit is about 7 mins, but if you want to just see the kissing portion, advance to the 5:10 mark.

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Ryan Potter – Wants to Be Robin (Tim Drake) in Next Batman Movie

Robin Ryan

This is old news as he has been campaigning to Ben Affleck for the past week, but actor Ryan Potter wants to be Tim Drake aka Robin in the upcoming Batman movie. I support this in every way! He looks the part, he can has the martial arts background, and he is a Tim Drake fan…I love this guy!


In the DC Cinematic Universe, Dick Grayson is already suppose to be Nightwing...

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