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Are You Attracted to Armpits – Watts the Safeword Video

Tyler and Mr. Kristofer Weston explore the wonderful world of armpits. I’ve seen a few people that like to see/smell/touch/lick guy’s pits. Are you attracted to them?

Check out their video below and subscribe to their channel at: YouTube...

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Overhead Harness Bondage W/ Amp and Mr. Kristofer – Watts the Safeword Video

I love both Amp and Mr. Kristofer. So seeing them do videos together on top of their personal pics and vids that they post on their social media, the better! Here they explain an Overhead Harness Bondage. Always a great tutorial...

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Protected: How to Be an Activist – Watts the SafeWord Video


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Do Nipples Turn You On? – Watts the SafeWord Video

In this video, Amp plays with Mr. Kristofer Weston and talk about nipple play. One of my favorite things! Do you like it too?

Check out their video below and subscribe to their channel at:

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Sex and Weed – Watts the Safeword Video

If you celebrate it, happy 420! This video came out a couple months ago, but Watts the Safeword made a video about weed and sex. Legal weed of course. As always, these guys are badasses and I appreciate these videos.

Check out their video below an...

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Foodplay and Mukbang – Watts the Safeword Video

I have seriously never heard of the word Mukbang until today. I love these guys! Amp and Bolt are such badasses! They’re awesome at introducing terms and fetishes that I’ve never heard of before. Check out their newest video!

Check out their video...

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Harnesses – What Does Your Harness Mean? – Watts The SafeWord Video

Do you like harnesses? Amp and Bolt go through some popular style of harnesses and explain their meaning. What does your harness say about you? Another awesome video from Watts the Safeword.

Check out their video below and subscribe to their chann...

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X-Men Bathhouse – Watts the Safeword Video

The cosplayers have suited up in their X-Men attire and taken over the bathhouse! This week Alex Mecum and Amp take us on an adventure through Cleveland’s FlexSpa! Complete with photoshoots, sexy times and some fun costumes.

Check out their video ...

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Eating Out! – Rimming and All That Good Stuff – Watts the Safeword Video!

Ever want to talk about eating out? And I’m not talking about going out to dinner. This is that giggity kind of eating out. The really fun type of eating out...

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Amp and Dirk Caber Together – Watts the Safeword Video


Oh yeah! Amp and my man Dirk Caber are together in this Watts the Safeword video. Well no he’s not my man. He’s Jesse Jackman’s man. But you know what I mean. I have a special love for Dirk. I’ll go into that in another post...

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