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Sometimes I Really Like Rough Sex – Just Saying – Do You? (NSFW)

No reason whatsoever, I just feel incredibly horny. I sometimes like intimate porn. Other times I like to see guys being manhandled and roughed up a bit. Today is a rough up day. Giving and receiving. Here’s some pics/gifs. Enjoy!

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Sex and Weed – Watts the Safeword Video

If you celebrate it, happy 420! This video came out a couple months ago, but Watts the Safeword made a video about weed and sex. Legal weed of course. As always, these guys are badasses and I appreciate these videos.

Check out their video below an...

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Just Because of Horniness – Lots of Sex Gifs (NSFW – Obviously)

There is absolutely nothing geeky related to this post. It’s just sex gifs. Although there are some superhero sex gifs in there, so I guess that’s slightly geeky. And why the sex gifs at all? Because – reasons?

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Joe Gage Sex Files Vol. 21 Show Hard UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW)

It’s 1954 and a bathroom was one of the few places that gay men could get off. Here’s my thoughts on this Joe Gage film. This consists of 4 scenes with 10 super hot guys all taking place within a segregated bathroom.

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Superman – The Greatest and one of the Sexiest of Superheroes

THE Superman

Every now and then I like to show certain costumers or in this case, certain characters in the spotlight. Superman is the original modern day superhero...

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Sex Dreams – Ever have one with some one you least expected?

Sex Dream True Blood 1
Despite what TV shows have taught us, when you have sex dreams with a random person in your life, and you had no feelings for this person before the dream, it does not always mean that you are secretly in love with them...

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Should Sex Work be a Crime?


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Sex Pad – Falcon Studios UNCUT Movie Review

Sex Pad Review FULL YOUTUBE.Movie_Snapshot

Just out from Falcon Studios – Sex Pad, directed by Tony Dimarco. As the name suggests, the movie is about sex in one location, a pretty nice white loft. Haha, originally I thought it was about an IPad. My bad!

Check out my review below and watch...

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Want some Random Sex Gifs? We all love them!

safe 2


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Sex Addict from the Bound Gods series UNCUT Scene Review – From has all kinds of different fetish sub-sites. This review comes from their Bound Gods section.

Both Josh West and CJ are super fucking hot guys. But I have to say that the actor, CJ, looks a lot like one of my ex boyfriends...

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