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Power Ranger Hunks – Who Else is Ready for Next Week’s Premiere?

Anyone else ready to see the Power Rangers movie next week? Despite the criticism I’m reading online about this alternate reality and how it is being portrayed, I’m excited. Also, I’ve posted about this once before, but damn these guys look good...

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Sexy Male Gingers – I Haven’t Posted In While (NSFW)

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted some hot sexy ginger men. Weekend is almost here and Kong: Skull Island comes out this weekend too. So I’m excited about that. The picture above was taken by


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Sexy Male Cosplayers – Because You Probably Need a Smile Today

So much is going on in the world that is mostly negative. We all need a slight smile, even if just for a few minutes. I also saw two new articles on ‘Sexy Cosplayers’ and was disappointed that they were both completely about women...

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It’s Friday – Here’s a Sexy Male Ginger Post! (NSFW)

Anyone else feeling numb from all the political news we are getting lately and how much life is going to suck in the next few years? Here’s a distraction, sexy male gingers! Everyone can get behind something like this, right? Well most people...

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First Hot Male Ginger Post of 2017! (NSFW)

It’s a new year and we come to a close on the first work week (for most). I know it must have been tough. I know it was for me, for many reasons. But here are some super sexy hot ginger guys that I like to look at. Enjoy!

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Super Cuttle – AKA Stevie Supes – Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight


Meet SuperCuttle also known as StevieSupes or just Stephen. I came across one of Stephen’s Superman pictures by accident when I was scrolling through Instragram...

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Sexy Male Cosplayers – Because We Don’t Post Enough About Them (NSFW)


Just because I felt like showing some sexy male costumers, here’s some guys that totally nailed it. Granted, some are slutty versions of their characters, but it counts. They made the effort and totally deserve praise. Enjoy!

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It’s Thursday- Here’s Some Sexy Male Gingers! (NSFW)

Ginger 28

You’re almost through the week! One more day. Enjoy these hot male gingers!

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Sexy Male Cosplay Appreciation Post – Male Costumers Don’t Get Anywhere Near Enough Press (NSFW)


Yesterday I saw the advertisements for Florida SuperCon. I got into a little debate with a convention fansite yesterday that was advertising their upcoming events...

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Sexy Male Gingers! You Know you Love Them! (NSFW)


For no reason whatsoever, here are sexy men that have red hair. It’s something I have always been attracted to and something that just always gets my blood flowing. So, enjoy!

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