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Deadpool 2 Final Trailer – Shatterstar Baby!

Have you seen the Deadpool 2 final trailer? We only see see actor Lewis Tan in the role of the Bisexual & Polyamorous Shatterstar for a few seconds, but it was worth it. Granted, the red wig is odd to see in real life, but lots of comic book drawn characteristics never translate well for the cinematic universe. I cosplayed as Shatterstar once at a convention, however I used a more orang-ish wig for Shatterstar’s look. Tan’s version is much more red. I can’t wait to see this movie...

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Lewis Tan Will Be Playing Bisexual Character Shatterstar in Deadpool – Fuck Yes!

Oh hell’s yes! Shatterstar has been confirmed to be played by Iron Fist actor Lewis Tan in Deadpool 2. This is awesome news! I’ve been a huge fan of Tan since I saw him on Iron Fist. He was by far my favorite character that appeared in that series. Plus he’s super hella-hot! I know it may be too much to see much of Shatterstar’s bisexuality in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie, but I can still hope...

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Shatterstar – Marvel Legends Toy Figure Review – Warlock BAF Series

The bisexual Shatterstar finally gets the Marvel Legends treatment. Even better is that it’s the 90’s version of Shatterstar. Not that the current version is horribly drawn, but I like classic Shatterstar so much better. Here’s my thoughts on this Marvel Legends piece. Definitely worth it for any X-Force fan out there. Thank you Sam for getting me this figure!

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New Costume – Shatterstar (my first bi-sexual superhero) is almost done!

Here’s a reference to Shatterstar for your reference in case you don’t know who I’m talking about. I’m doing his costume from the 90’s. I’m not too much of a fan of his modern version.

I’ve been working on this Shatterstar costume for a couple weeks. He’s the first bi-sexual character I’ve ever done and I think I’m almost done. Here’s some of the progress pics I’ve taken. I like how his face mask came out.

What do you guys think?

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