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Shirtless Bear-Fight Vinyl Figure Coming – Who Says Straight Geeky Guys Don’t Appreciate Sexy Men?

Remember Image Comics’ Shirtless Bear-Fighter comic book? This was suppose to a funny comic book but was also an unintentionally sexy ass ‘bear fighter’ that many gay men read as well. The character was literally raised and fought bears since his childhood. He is getting the vinyl toy treatment from Skelton Crew Studio. The comic itself was written by Jody LeHeup, Sebastian Girner and Nil Vendrel.

If you are interested in the clothed sexy assed figure or the unfortunately naked ‘pixelated’ v...

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Star Gays – A New Shirtless Violinist Video with a Twist on the Stars Wars Theme

A new sexy take on the Star Wars music by the Shirtless Violinist. His stuff is always awesome. Video Description: New music video is based on the final moments of The Force Awakens, when Rey sets out to find Luke Skywalker on his isolated island and return his long-lost lightsaber. In this version of the story, my boyfriend Paul plays the part of Rey – and instead of seeking Luke, he’s searching for the fabled Shirtless Violinist to return his bow…and possibly confess his love.

To see m...

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STRANGER THINGS Theme – by the Shirtless Violinist – Soundtrack

The second season of Stranger Things is out soon and The Shirtless Violinist (Matthew Olshefski) is back with a cover to it. He is quite incredible with his music and adding in his special form of eye candy, it makes for a great video. Check out his rendition in the attached video.

To see more of the Shirtless Violinist:


GooglePlay http://bit...

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The Little Mermaid – The Shirtless Violinist Music Video

The shirtless Violinist is back, but this time he’s doing a rendition of A Part of Your World, from Disney’s Little Mermaid. He’s joined with his real life boyfriend Paul Castle. Paul Castle also happens to be the director of this music video. This is quit beautiful. Check out their video attached below.

You can see more of their work at:
AppleMusic: LittleMermaidiTunes

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Beauty and the Beast – A Gay Twist With Sexy Violinist & His Boyfriend

I admit I liked the live action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. However the character of Lefou as being the first gay character in a Disney movie was lame. I wasn’t expecting much and I was still disappointed in that respects. Fortunately there is a slight remedy to this. Violinist Matthew Olson made the video below with a beautiful rendition of the Beauty and the Beast song. He is accompanied with his boyfriend Paul Castle as Bello.

The song starts out with Paul in drag approaching ...

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