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The Slave Leia Toy may be Pulled from Shelves- Good or Bad?

Leia_gentle_giant statue

Due to some backlash over the depiction of Princess Leia in he iconic slave outfit from Return of the Jedi, her toy may be pulled from shelves. Currently Leia cannot be depicted in any sexy pose in the current Marvel Comic books, as stated by the current artist J. Scott Campbell. The artist stated:

You will NOT see an[y] future merchandising featuring the slave outfit again. Trust me. … I’ve heard it from two sources...

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Is Slave Leia toy bad?


So, would you buy a Slave Leia toy for a kid? Apparently there’s a big deal being made by a dad over the Slave Leia toy being released in just about all toy stores. Keep in mind, the toys are more meant for adult collectors, but like many toys, they’re still displayed in kid sections of any store. This goes without saying Toys R Us is almost 100% kid friendly. Or it should be at least...

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