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The Slutty Professor – Naked Sword UNCUT Gay XXX Parody Movie Review (NSFW)

It’s the Slutty Professor from Naked Sword. Ace Era masterfully plays both Professor Kelp and his sexy alter ego, Buddy Fuck. This is a porn parody on The Nutty Professor, but it goes into a full on into a completely different direction. This also stars: Ace Era, Bruce Beckham, Danny Montero, Dave Slick, JJ Knight, Justin Brody, Tyler Roberts and is directed by both Mr. Pam and Chi Chi LaRue. Check out my thoughts on this movie in the attached video.
Sidenote – I just found out that Dave Slick ...

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Halloween Slutty Costumes! (For Men) Do You Have One? Lots of Pics (NSFW)


Are you wearing a slutty Halloween costume this year? My buddy Derek put up a post where he was looking through some gender swapped Halloween costumes and all of the pics on that post were of sexy women. So I figured, lets see some sexy men in Halloween costumes. Not all of these are naked pics and I always encourage any interpretation of a costume to be made. Here’s a few of them. By the way, most of these pictures are online friends of mine and I gotta say, you guys rock these costumes!



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