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Solo: A Star Wars Movie Teaser – What Do You Think?

I know many do not care about a Han Solo prequel movie, but I have been figuratively dying to see a movie based on our favorite Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder! Growing up, all my friends wanted to be a Sith Lord or a Jedi Knight. I wanted to be the scoundrel. I love Han Solo! So I’m super stoked about this movie. What do you think?

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Iceman – Gay Mutant Superhero Getting His Own Solo Series & Human Torch is Officially Pansexual (NSFW)


Most comic book fans are already aware of this, however in case you missed it – Bobby Drake also known as Iceman, is getting his own ongoing solo series. To clarify, there are two versions of Iceman in the main 616 Marvel Universe. An adult version that has always existed in this universe and his younger self that was accidentally brought to the present by Hank McCoy, Beast. The older version will be the Iceman that will have his own series...

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Luke and Han Solo – A Bromance I never Knew!

Star Wars

I cannot believe that I never really thought of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker as having bromantic thing going on. Granted, there are not a lot of women in the Star Wars universe, and before Leia was revealed to be Luke’s twin sister, both Luke and Han were fighting for her attention. Maybe because of my naivete I just never considered Luke as being a sexual person in the slightest. In today’s media, it is almost unheard of for the main protagonist to NOT have a love interest in a series...

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Anyone want to play with my Solo blaster?

That title was so cheesy…Sorry, I’ll think of a better title for future posts.



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Working on a couple new Costumes for this coming year…day one getting back in shape and no Nutella

Not close to being done yet, but I have a couple costumes that I’ve started for the new year. I’m also going back to working out and eating right again.

Day One with no Nutella


image5 (1)





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