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The Spider-Man Retrospective — Night of the Lizard (RIP Stan Lee)


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Iceman #3 – Marvel Comic Book Review – Iceman & His Amazing Friends! (SPOILERS)

Iceman, Firestar and Spider-Man together? Hell’s yeah baby! This issue has Bobby teams up with fellow mutant Angelic Jones aka Firestar and with the famous wall crawler himself, Spider-Man to take down a giant Ice Monster. Any fan of the original Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon would love this issue, if anything, just to see the dynamic and camaraderie between these heroes...

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Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Game 2018 – Anyone Playing This Insomniac Game?

I am not a hardcore gaymer by a long shot, but I do enjoy a few of them here and there when the opportunity arises. I have not played Insomniac’s Spider-Man game myself, but I have a few friends who have shown me what it entails, and wow! It appears to be one of the best made for the wall crawler yet...

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Spider-Man Sexy Male Appreciation Post – Just in General! (NSFW)


My first comic book crush was Peter Parker. He seemed to have his costume ripped in nearly every issue I ever read as a kid and that tingled something in Little Paul that I didn’t quite understand at the time. Later I totally realized what it was and started to collect pics here and there of his appearances in comic books where he was ‘battle damaged...

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Animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Trailer – Hell’s Yeah!

Have you seen this?! Hell’s yeah! This looks great. This will be a theatrical release in December of 2018. It will be produced and distributed by Sony. Shameik Moore will voice Spider-Man and the movie will be directed by directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman.

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Captain Universe Spider-Man Marvel Legends Toy Figure Review – Vulture Series

There was a Captain Universe Spider-Man figure released. He has interchangeable heads that allow him to be simply a Captain Universe character or an alternate reality Spider-Man Captain Universe. Here’s my thoughts on this figure.

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Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3 – UNCUT Review from Men.com (NSFW)

It is the last scene for the Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody from Men.com! This time we have Will Braun still playing Peter Parker. But this time he takes on the Green Goblin who is being placed Myles Landon. Tobias returns to play Harry Osborn, the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn’s, son. So we have a fucking hot scene with Spider-Man being spit roasted by a father and son duo. Fuck yeah!

To see this scene, head over to: Men.com

Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3 UNCUT Review from Men.Com (NSFW) f...

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Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 – UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

The 2nd part to the Spider-Man Gay XXX Parody is out from Men.com! We finally get to see the costume this time around. Peter Parker, played by Will Braun, returns back. His partner in this scene is Aston Springs. Looks like Aston is being assaulted by some thugs. Luckily our friendly neighborhood wall crawler is around to save the day. How will Aston repay our hero?

To see this scene, head over to: Men.com

Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 – UNCUT Review from Men.com (NSFW) from GayComicGee...

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Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 – UNCUT Review from Men.com (NSFW)

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out and it’s a great movie! To coincide with this release, Men.com has their own gay XXX parody Spider-Man series that has started to be released. The first scene has Will Braun as our protagonist, Peter Parker aka the Amazing Spider-Man. His scene parter in this first go around is Tobias, who plays Petey’s best bud, Harry Osborn. Check out my thoughts on this first scene in the attached video.

To see this scene, head over to: Men.com

Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody Par...

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Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody – It’s Coming from Men.com – Preview – FUCK YEAH! (NSFW)

I just found out that a Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody from Men.com is coming out with Will Braun as Peter FUCKING Parker. Hell’s Yeah! I have been saying that Will Braun needs to be Spider-Man since I first saw him. Check out the pics below and check out the Safe for Work preview for the story and cast that will be a part of this series.

Tobias, Aston Springs, and Myles Landon are also starring in this three-part series...

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