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Dr. Strange Marvel Select Toy Figure Review

Civil War II 0 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Universe. This Marvel Select figure is badass! He does not have all the articulation as does his Marvel Legend’s counter part, but his sculpt more than makes up for that.
Thank you Willmer! This figure is incredible and I love him so much!

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Tilda Swinton could be the Ancient One in the Dr. Stange Movie


Yes, apparently, Tilda Swinton may be the Ancient One in the upcoming Marvel Studios – Dr. Strange movie. This is interesting and I am unsure how I feel about this.


Swinton is an incredible actress and it wouldn’t be the first time that she’s been part of a sci-fi role. She was once an angel and played Gabriel in the Constantine movie.


I like the idea of the ancient one being a woman, but I also feel like the Ancient One should be an Asian actor...

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