Have you ever wondered how Tim Drake and Conner Kent first met up? Their first team up didn’t exactly go smoothly, but it paved the way for a future bromance that is legendary within the superhero cosmos. Here’s my thoughts on DC Comic’s – World’s Finest 3.

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Superboy Cover

Damn, this turned me on too much. Especially for a fighting game. This MUGEN character of Superboy was created by TheBlueKim. And I have seen several of his works in the past, including Robin and Nightwing. Now if only he’d make a GayComicBook character in this game. I’d pay to see him being abused like Superboy in the video below.


TheBlueKim also made the Robin MUGEN image above. If you are unaware, M.U.G.E.N (also known simply as MUGEN) is a freeware 2D fighting game. It is not on PS4 or X-Box level quality, but still is impressive. I am not technologically savvy, so I could never do anything like this myself, but the game itself is available for those that are able to do it. Many characters have been created and have been mixed and matched. And as you can tell, sexual stuff has been included with many of them. I completely support this!

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