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Superheroes Defeated – It’s A Growing Fetish (NSFW)

Among the many fetishes I sometimes enjoy, it is no secret that I love seeing me some superheroes defeated. It’s just a thing I can’t explain without delving into my subconscious. Most of these pics are photoshopped, but I really don’t care. They do the trick for me. Enjoy!

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Artist Sam Petit has completed some art on what superheroes underwear would look like under their costume. I’d like to think that all of them would wear something similar to what their professional costume would resemble. Sam’s basis came from an article on an article over at that stated: Of Course Batman Wears Batman-Branded Underwear. Which does make sense. So why not other heroes too?

Check out Sam’s Tumblr at:

Sam’s Deviant Art Page: TumbledHeroes...

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Defeated Heroes – This is a Huge Kink that I Like (NSFW)

I have a huge thing for defeated heroes. (I know, obviously!) I think my own GayComicGeek character is constantly being ‘defeated’ by foes in Patreon pics because I like to see him being humiliated a bit. Luckily I have seen that a lot of other guys out there are also into this fetish. I think performer Lance Hart really gets into it with his superhero vids on his own ManUpBitches site. Also, is a great site too. Here’s a few pics that I have seen from other posters online.


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Superheroes In Peril/Bondage/Trouble – There Needs to Be More of This (NSFW)

There is not a lot of porn or videos that spotlight superheroes in trouble. I’m a much bigger fan of bondage that I let on, and even more so in role play as a hero/villain taking advantage of the other. Usually the superhero “losing” to his capture is something that I encourage a lot.


There’s a couple sites that have been brought to my attention that does cater to the superhero crowd. One is

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Just Random Sexy Hot Drawn Superheroes- The Next Edition

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Who needs movie superheroes, cause real life costumers are just as good if not better.

I know everyone in these pics. I’ve taken pics with most of them and several of them I can call buddies. I love being a geek. It’s damn awesome!

Real Costumers 1

Real Costumers 2

Real Costumers 18

Real Costumers 13

Real Costumers 8

Real Costumers 7

Real Costumers 12

Real Costumers 17

Real Costumers 16

Real Costumers 11

Real Costumers 6

Real Costumers 5

Real Costumers 10

Real Costumers 15

Real Costumers 14

Real Costumers 9

Real Costumers 4

Real Costumers 3

Real Costumers 20

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Top Gay Superheroes – My favorites (only my opinion)

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