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Happy Birthday Sexy Superman – Henry Cavill! (NSFW Fake Pics)

Happy Birthday Henry Cavill! Despite not liking the DC Cinematic Universe’s path in darkness, I do think that Henry Cavill is a sexy ass Superman and most definitely does look the part. It does look like the movies may be shifted towards a much more positive direction in upcoming movies, so there is hope. Anyways, here’s some hot and a few fake pics of Henry in all of his glory!

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Action Comics #1000 – Superman’s 80th Anniversary Special Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

It’s the 1000th issue of Action Comics and Superman’s 80th Anniversary special. He is considered the first comic book superhero and has a plethora of stories made by many different writers through the decades. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster – Superman is iconic and the most well known comic superhero of all time. Check out my thoughts on this 1000th issue as DC Comics collects several different short stories that all spotlights the Man of Steel.

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Death of Superman Animated – First Look – It’s in the MotherFracking New 52 Animated Universe

The first look at the animated Death of Superman two parter from WB has been shown. It will not be faithful to the comic book storyline of the same name but instead push their New 52 animated Universe. This is disappointing. The Dark Knight Returns 2-part animated movie was very faithful to the original comic book story and I was hoping that this would be the same. It will not...

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Superman (Bulge) Appreciation Post – He’s Still Sexy as Hell To Me (NSFW)


I did a post about ‘Heroes Defeated’ earlier this week. I had a nice twitching in my cock every time I saw Superman on the ropes. So I found some nice pics of Superman to share. Because, he’s the original comic book superhero and still sexy as fuck to me! A lot of these pics are photoshopped, but I don’t care. They still work. Enjoy!

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Hulk vs. Superman – Fan Animated Film (4 Part Series- So Far!)

The fourth part of YouTuber a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”Mike Habjan’s ongoing Superman v Hulk is out. This guy is insanely badass in his depictions of a Christopher Reeves’ Superman and a Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk. The battle has raged on over 4 different videos and each time there may seem to be a definitive winner, there’s a change in circumstances. Check out the fourth part to this series in the attached video.

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Venom Inc Alpha, The SuperFriends Rebirth, and New Sinister Six Debuts & More – Comic Load 12/6/2017

It’s comic book day!
Walking Dead #174 returns with a sympathetic look at Negan. Yes, seriously.
Amazing Spider-Man and Venom, Inc: Alpha – The battle for the symbiotes. Not exactly, but somewhat still accurate. Anything with Eddie Brock Venom is worth it.
Astonishing X-Men #6 – The war between Xavier and the Shadow King continue and comes to a head.
Captain America #696 – Cap vs. the Swordsman. Classic Cap is back and he’s showing how awesome he original was meant to be.
Spider-Man #235 – A ne...

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Superman Family vs. The Anti-Superman Family, Darth Vader Gets His Ass Kicked and More – Comic Book Day 7/12/2017

It’s comic book day! A couple good ones made the list this week.

In Action Comics #983 – A blind Superman gets help from all the other S-Shield wearing good guys. Their opponents – Zod and S-Shield wearing bad guys. And Metallo and Blanque.
Darth Vader #3 – Vader still has not completely adjusted to his new armor/cybernetics. He gets his ass handed to him by a Jedi, but this is not the end by a long shot!
Edge of Venomverse #2 – GwenPool or in this case, VenGwen or GwenVen or VenomPoolGwen…what...

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Winn From Supergirl – I Ship Him With Almost Every Male Character

I absolutely adore Jeremy Jordan aka Winn Schott from Supergirl. I ship him with just about all of the male characters on the show. I think the writers and the actor knows that he may have a small gay following and play into it. His hero crush on Superman is the best. It may just be me, but I am so hoping that he’ll be bisexual. Him and Jimmy can have a thing. Or hell, they made it clear that Mon El as a Daxamite does not even think of sexualities. It could happen.

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Superman Fan Made Multiverse Trailer – COOL!

Wow, this looks good and I’d watch it. Even better is that it looks like the Lexs’ of the different universes start are as the bad guys but then the dark brooding Man of Steel Superman is the antagonist while all the other Superman are the protagonists. Makes total sense. What do you guys think?

The channel that made this was Youtube.Com/AListProductions

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BumbleBee Returns to Titans and Who is Clark Kent? – Comic Load 3/28/2017 (SPOILERS)

It’s comic book day! Wonder Woman #19 – More story on the government team watching Wonder Woman – Godwatch.
Detective Comics #952 – Lady Shiva lays the smackdown on all of the Bat-team. Including Batman.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #16 – Guy Gardner vs. Arkillo…with no rings. It’s a bloody match!
Action Comics #975 – Who is Clark Kent?! It’s finally revealed who this mysterious figure is.
Inhumans vs. X-Men #6 – The Conclusion to this war...

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