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Superman Fan Made Multiverse Trailer – COOL!

Wow, this looks good and I’d watch it...

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BumbleBee Returns to Titans and Who is Clark Kent? – Comic Load 3/28/2017 (SPOILERS)

It’s comic book day! Wonder Woman #19 – More story on the government team watching Wonder Woman – Godwatch.
Detective Comics #952 – Lady Shiva lays the smackdown on all of the Bat-team. Including Batman.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #16 –...

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My Hero – Superman Porn Parody UNCUT Review from ColbyKnox.Com


ColbyKnox did a second gay parody with a superhero theme to it. This time we have Colby Chambers painted to look like Superman with his partner Mickey Knox as a farmer. Holy fuck, this is great! I’m so glad these guys are doing scenes like this...

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Superman Barbie Doll Toy Figure Review from Batman v. Superman

Wow, thank you Michael for getting this figure for me! He is so awesomely cool and fits in with my other dolls. I’m glad he comes with a stand and his overall sculpt is decently made...

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Superman Cosplay Appreciation – Lots of Costuming Pics (Some NSFW)


By sheer coincidence, I’m talking about a lot of Superman stuff today. I’m doing a a not-Barbie doll toy review on Batman v. Superman figure later, a gay porn review from ColbyKnox (see some of the pics of that scene below too), and a possible fu...

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Supergirl Season 2 Promo – Fan Made Video with John Williams Music…WOW!


This is a fan made video, but I think this music should be used in the show and the movies. I feel very inspired just hearing it and I turn into a little kid again. I won’t go into the Cinematic vs. TV DC Universes...

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Have You Seen Superman’s Ass? Here’s Some other Nice Asses (NSFW)


Everyone wants to send me dick pics, but I prefer bulges or asses. Especially in tight pants. I have a tiny ass, so I’m very envious of others bigger asses...

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Tyler Hoechlin as Superman – I Approve! What do you think?

Superman and Supergirl

Oh my glob, we get our first look at Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in the second season of Supergirl to air this fall on the CW. I like it. I definitely love the look he has in costume and I feel like he matches his cousin fairly well...

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SuperHottie Teen Wolf Star Tyler Hoechlin Has been Cast as Superman in CW Supergirl Series! (NSFW)

Tyler Hoechlin

I am sure everyone is aware of this already, but in case you have not heard, Tyler Hoechlin, also known as Derek from Teen Wolf, has been cast to appear as Superman in the second season of Supergirl...

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Batman v. Superman Part 3 – A Gay XXX Porn Parody UNCUT Scene Review

Batman v Superman 3 Mancast (2).Movie_Snapshot

The final part to the Batman v. Superman Gay XXX Parody is out from It was not how I would have ended the series but this was still ambitious for a gay porn series to do something like this...

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