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The Pride #2 – Gay Queer Comix Book Review – (SPOILERS)

Previously – FabMan recruited seven superheroes that are part of the LGBT community to form their own superhero team. They are not cohesive as a unit, yet...

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The Ray – First Footage Of The CW Seed’s Animated Gay Superhero Show Has Been Shown

The first footage of CW’s gay superhero, the Ray has been released from San Diego Comic Con. The CW’s streaming service has released another animated series which starred Vixen in the past. This current series is titled Freedom Fighters: The Ray...

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Overhead Harness Bondage W/ Amp and Mr. Kristofer – Watts the Safeword Video

I love both Amp and Mr. Kristofer. So seeing them do videos together on top of their personal pics and vids that they post on their social media, the better! Here they explain an Overhead Harness Bondage. Always a great tutorial...

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Protected: How to Be an Activist – Watts the SafeWord Video


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The Pride #1 – Gay Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

The Pride #1 – This entails Fabman gathering together a host of LGBT superheroes in his universe to form their own team. This first issue is great as it gives purpose for the team and introduces a several new heroes to an otherwise new universe.


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The Layover – NakedSword Gay XXX UNCUT Movie Review – Directed by Mr. Pam (NSFW)

Taking place in 3 cities, The Layover has 7 hot playboys doing their thing in 4 hot scenes. This movie was directed by Mr. Pam and was a very jizz-worthy flick to watch in its entirety...

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Pirates – Gay XXX Parody Trailer from Men.Com – YES!!! (NSFW)

I fucking love pirates! has made a Pirate porn series. It looks like it has some Pirates of the Caribbean influence on it, but it is still just being labeled as simply Pirates...

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Do Nipples Turn You On? – Watts the SafeWord Video

In this video, Amp plays with Mr. Kristofer Weston and talk about nipple play. One of my favorite things! Do you like it too?

Check out their video below and subscribe to their channel at:

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Tung Lashor – Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man Toy Figure Review

It’s Tung Lashor from the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline from MattyCollector. He is part of the Snake Men and one of the more unique out of the figures since he’s much different from most of the other Snake Men.

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Guardians…Orgasms of the Galaxy – The Dildo Collection!

I fucking love the site! They have a new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line that features some interesting dildos/vibrators/plugs for everyone out there. I want that Randy Racoon tail plug...

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