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Thor #1, Venom #2, Man of Steel #3 – And More – Comic Load 6/13/2018

It’s comic book day! A few good ones came out on this Wednesday. I think Thor #1 started out great with a lot of potential in future storylines. Venom is another gem that I’m particularly interested in. Nightwing starting his own Titans team with the endorsement of the Justice League is great with Titans Special #1. Flash Wars in Flash #48 is looking to reconnect old characters...

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Midnight Wank Theater — Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

Title card by Whyboy of ToonGrin at:

Filmed in terrifying VAN-VISION!

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Wonder Woman (Justice League) vs. Thor (Ragnarok) | Found Footage – (Fan Made Video)

I had never heard about the YouTube Channel IsmaHawk until today, but what got my attention was their recently released – Wonder Woman vs. Thor video. This is all fan made and the fight that we get to see is brief, but it is so well done! I would love for them to do a full on budgeted movie. Check them out in the attached video.

To see more of their work and other superhero videos, head over over to:

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So, Have You Seen Thor: Ragnarok? HOLY FUCKING HELL WAS IT GOOD!!! (No-Spoilers)

Go watch this movie. Very surprising turns took place and I was not expecting a couple twists. Even if you are not up to date with the Marvel Cinematic franchise, this will be highly entertaining. The action, the character development and how this will fit into the over all scheme is great. The Hulk really needs to get his own movie. Just saying. Have you seen Thor Ragnarok yet? Don’t spoil it, but what did you think?

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Thor: Ragnarok Teaser – FUCK YEAH!!!!

Holy fuck, that was awesome! I literally jumped out of my chair, especially the ending. I am so fucking excited for this. Cate Blanchett as Hela looks great. And I guess we find out what happened to Mjolnir and why it is not in any promo pics of Thor. I’m totally sold! What do you guys think?

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Thor: Ragnarok – First Images (I Like Thor’s New Look)

Entertainment Weekly, has some of the first images of the upcoming Thor Ragarok movie. Thor screams ‘Unworthy’ Thor with his swords and his short hair cut. That’d be interesting to see done while Ragnarok takes place on Asgard. Also, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie feels right to me. I know some people aren’t happy with it, but I’m thinking this could rock. I didn’t even recognize Cate Blanchett as Hela. What do you guys think?

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The Mighty Thor #1 – Marvel Comic Book Review

Mighty Thor 1 Comic Book Review Vimeo (2).Movie_Snapshot

The first issue to The Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics is out! Dr. Jane Foster is Thor and she is bringing a very unique quality to the character. This is a great first issue and I think the future issues will be leading up to some epic story telling.

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Who would win in a fight, with Superman vs. Thor (incredibly good re-enactment for a Youtube video, and a hot bare chested Superman too)

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