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Thundercats Roar – New Animated Series from Cartoon Network – OH DEAR BUDDHA, WHY?!

What the fuck?! I thought this was a joke, but it’s not. Reported on Entertainment Weekly, there is a new series that is bringing back Thundercats, but in a more Titans Go! comical series. No really. This is a thing. I know it is marketed towards children, but is this really? The previous two series were astounding. This looks so…ehhh… It feels like nothing toward the original series or the 2011 remake.

The official tagline of the show states: “Staying true to the premise of the original serie...

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The ComicBookGeek – Mumm-Ra (Mummy Form) ThunderCats Classic Mattel Action Figure Video Review

It’s Mumm-Ra – The Ever Living! This was the Thundercats Classics Exclusive figure available from MattyCollector’s Thundercat subscription toy series. He is a great scult and I love how he turned out. A shame that he is the last of my Thundercats figures, but I hope this line will be continued on later.

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Legacy Thunder MegaZord Toy Figure Review – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Thunder MegaZord FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Legacy Thunder MegaZord is out. This baby is beautiful! Thank you Nik for getting this figure. I am beyond words. I never had the original version, so this one is a great substitute. It has many die-cast parts and is sculpted rather than have decal stickers for most of it’s design. I love it!

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