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Robin #1 – 5 : DC Comics First Ongoing Solo Series Review – Volume 4 (SPOILERS)

Tim went solo in 1993 and had a successful ongoing comic series. Dick Grayson is the first and the most well known, but Tim got to hold several mini-series plus his regular series that was over 183 issues (not counting annuals plus extra oddly numbered issues). This video review is based on his first story arc in his regular series that spread from Detective Comics #668. Going out completely on his was a gutsy move for being as inexperienced as he was, but it was a great journey...

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A Lonely Place of Living – CONCLUSION – Detective Comics #968 Review – (SPOILERS)

It is the conclusion to the Lonely Place of Living storyline that returns Tim Drake back to the DC Universe. Him and the rest of the BatFamily have to face off against his older counter part who is attempting to kill Batwoman. The older Tim Drake is the Batman of Tomorrow who has trained his whole life to defeat them all. So this is not so easy, even with all of the Batfamily together. Major spoilers in the attached video.

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Is the REAL Superboy Returning? – Detective Comics #966 Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

It’s the second part of the storyline – A Lonely Place of Living – that features the return of Tim Drake. There are some huge storyline ramifications that deal with the DC Universe as a whole and could totally change up what we knew about the current history. This is HUGE! Major spoilers in this video.

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Detective Comics #965 Review – Tim Drake aka Red Robin is Back – MAJOR SPOILERS

My boy and favorite superhero of all time, Tim Drake aka Red Robin, is back! He’s been locked up by Mr. Oz for reasons unknown, but not for long. He’s breaking out and teaming up with some other inmates. MAJOR SPOILERS in this review.

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Tim Drake’s aka (Red) Robin’s REAL Origin is BACK! (SLIGHT PREVIEW SPOILERS)

Tim Drake’s origin is being restored somewhat in the upcoming Detective Comics storyline – A Lonely Place of Living. A preview came from MultiversityComics.com that shows an updated version of Tim’s origin that looks much more familiar than what is currently being passed as his origin. If you are not aware of it, his origin was drastically altered when the DC Comics event called Flashpoint created what is called the New 52. His entire identity was taken. Literally...

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Civil War II Conclusion and Where Is Tim Drake aka Red Robin – Comic Load 12/28/2016

It’s comic book day! So many great comics came out today. I could not get to all of them, but here’s what I did get to read.
Star Wars #26 – A back story with Yoda is always awesome!
Civil War II #8 – The Conclusion to this Marvel epic title is finally finished.
Hulk #1 – Jennifer Walters is taking the title of the Hulk after the death of her cousin Bruce Banner in the Civil War II story.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #11 – Hal is finally going to meet up with the rest of the Green Lant...

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Robin II – The Joker’s Wild – DC Comic Book Mini Series Review (SPOILERS) – Tim Drake Series


Tim Drake is the bestest of the Robins in my opinion. The Joker’s Wild storyline is his first adventure in Gotham City while taking on the Joker without Batman. The story was originally published back in 1991 and helps establishes Tim’s supporting cast and also shows that he still has a far road ahead to being as strong of a superhero that he aspires to become.

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Detective Comics #940 DC Comics Review SPOILERS – Red Robin/Tim Drake Issue


Totally not expecting this issue to end in this way. Lots of speculation as to the overall storyline within the DC Universe that is being affected by the REBIRTH titles. Tim Drake is a major player and his role will be much different from this point forward. Major SPOILERS in this video.

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Ryan Potter – Wants to Be Robin (Tim Drake) in Next Batman Movie

Robin Ryan

This is old news as he has been campaigning to Ben Affleck for the past week, but actor Ryan Potter wants to be Tim Drake aka Robin in the upcoming Batman movie. I support this in every way! He looks the part, he can has the martial arts background, and he is a Tim Drake fan…I love this guy!


In the DC Cinematic Universe, Dick Grayson is already suppose to be Nightwing...

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Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying – Introduction of Tim Drake (Robin)

A Lonely Place of Dying 2.Movie_Snapshot

This is the first introduction of Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne into the DC Comics Universe. Tim had been introduced in Batman 436 in a flashback issue and then fully explored as a full character in Batman 440. He is one of the few characters in the DC Universe that found uncovered Batman’s secret identity on his own. He later became one of the greatest of all Batman’s sidekicks and took the mantle of Robin and later Red Robin. This is his origin story.

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