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Happy Star Trek First Contact Day! (NSFW)


It’s First Contact Day according to Star Trek lore. On April 5, 2063, Earth will be contacted by a Vulcan ship and initiating the beginning a much brighter future for Earth. I know it’s just a bunch of Sci-Fi fiction, but it’s nice to think that we could have a positive future. Dr. Zefram Cochrane, initiated this with the piloting of the Phoenix and he is also the inventor of the warp drive.


Over at there were a few Star Trek XXX Parodies that were made that I reviewed...

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Star Trek: Discovery has the FIRST Man on Man Kiss…Fuck Yeah!!!

Have you been up to date with Star Trek: Discovery? I love this new series, despite it contradicting both the olde and new established universes. I know, to say that to a hardcore Trekkie/Trekker, is blasphemy, but I don’t care. We get to see Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz’s characters in a relationship and kiss, and it was awesome. I love it. I don’t care about what haters say, this is a great show. Have you been watching it?

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Star Trek: Discovery – Did You Like It? (No Spoilers)

Some people hated the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery and some loved it. I was entertained myself and I will tune in to the series. I did have lots of problems, however there were not enough negatives for me to skip past the series altogether. I will tune into it! I admit I am not the biggest of Trekkies or Trekkers, so I did not read a lot more than just a basic plot of the series before watching the first two episodes. So I did not know what to be expecting...

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Star Trek: Discovery – Series With Two Actual Gay Actors Will Play in Romantic Roles (Anthony Rapp & Wilson Cruz)

Anthony Rapp let it be known at San Diego Comic Con 2017 that he will be in a relationship with Wilson Cruz on Star Trek: Discovery. Rapp will play Starfleet Science Officer Lt. Stamets and Cruz will be medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber.

Rapp stated: “I can announce that Wilson Cruz will play my love interest and my partner in Star Trek: Discovery…I’m very proud of that and that he’s a scientist.”

Awesome! Not only will we have another gay couple in Star Trek but the characters will be p...

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Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3 – UNCUT Review from (NSFW)

We finally get the 3rd part to the Star Trek Gay XXX Parody with Mr. Sulu played by Henier Lo. This is a parody series from that is taking its sweet time being released. We have Rod Pederson returning back as Capt. Kirk and he decides that he wants to fuck his ship’s pilot, who happens to be played by Mr.Lo. Not a lot of story or dialog, but at least the scene itself has been released. Check out my thoughts on the scene in the attached video.

To see this scene, head over to:


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Star Trek: Discovery – First Trailer!

I’m not the hugest of Star Trek fans but I am still a fan nonetheless. I get more and more psyched about it with more information being given online. The first trailer came out and I do have to say that it looks well done. Seems as though there’s more solar flares though. I’m a bit over that. Also keep in mind, Anthony Rapp is going to be in this as series as an openly gay character, Lt. Stamets. That in itself is something I’m looking forward to see.

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Star Trek – A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 – UNCUT Scene Review from (NSFW)


We finally get part 2 from the Star Trek XXX Gay Porn Parody series from Sorry about the sound quality in this video. I’m still learning this software.Last time we had a 5 way action between the crew. This time we have Uhura show up played by Micah Brandt and his boyfriend, Mr. Spock is played by returning performer Jordan Boss. Not bad for a sci-fi porn parody. I hope a part 3 is also made from

To see this scene, go to:

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Star Trek – A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review from (NSFW)


The first scene from‘s Star Trek XXX Parody has been released. There seemed to be a lot of mixing with the performers. Curiously the first scene has an orgy scene. Usually this is saved to be the last scene. We have 5 hot guys playing most of the core cast. Sulu and Uhura are the only ones absent. They will show up in future scenes though.

To see the scenes, go to:

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Gay Star Trek XXX Parody from Preview (NSFW) – YES!!!


Hell’s yeah! I know people hate or love parodies, depending on your point of view. I personally love them myself and I cannot wait to see the Star Trek parody starting today, October 31, 2016 on Rod Peterson stars as Captain Kirk, Jordan Boss as Spock, Jack Hunter as McCoy, Donny Forza as Chekov and Brendan Patrick as Scotty.

Check out the preview below that Queer Me Now posted up.

I’m going to be watching today. To see the scenes, go to:

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New Star Trek Discovery Series Will Have a Gay Character


Executive Producer Bryan Fuller stated on CNN that the new Star Trek Discovery series will have a female lead captain and an openly gay character. This is great, but I still want to know what the series is about. So far we only seem to know that the universe will be in the “Prime” Star Trek universe with new characters. That means it will not be in the NEW Star Trek alternate movie universe...

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