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Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3 – UNCUT Review from (NSFW)

We finally get the 3rd part to the Star Trek Gay XXX Parody with Mr. Sulu played by Henier Lo. This is a parody series from that is taking its sweet time being released. We have Rod Pederson returning back as Capt...

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Star Trek: Discovery – First Trailer!

I’m not the hugest of Star Trek fans but I am still a fan nonetheless. I get more and more psyched about it with more information being given online. The first trailer came out and I do have to say that it looks well done...

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Star Trek – A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 – UNCUT Scene Review from (NSFW)


We finally get part 2 from the Star Trek XXX Gay Porn Parody series from Sorry about the sound quality in this video. I’m still learning this software.Last time we had a 5 way action between the crew...

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Star Trek – A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review from (NSFW)


The first scene from‘s Star Trek XXX Parody has been released. There seemed to be a lot of mixing with the performers. Curiously the first scene has an orgy scene. Usually this is saved to be the last scene...

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Gay Star Trek XXX Parody from Preview (NSFW) – YES!!!


Hell’s yeah! I know people hate or love parodies, depending on your point of view. I personally love them myself and I cannot wait to see the Star Trek parody starting today, October 31, 2016 on

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New Star Trek Discovery Series Will Have a Gay Character


Executive Producer Bryan Fuller stated on CNN that the new Star Trek Discovery series will have a female lead captain and an openly gay character. This is great, but I still want to know what the series is about...

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Hikaru Sulu – Mr. Sulu from Star Trek is Gay – Good or Bad?


Mr. Sulu will be a character in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie. Some people are outraged, some people are happy. Some could care less. I personally think this is great news...

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Mr. Sulu is Gay – New Star Trek Movie Confirms Character’s Sexuality


Recently confirmed on reputable site, Hikaru Sulu, played originally by George Takei and currently played by John Cho is a gay character in the current Star Trek Universe...

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Upcoming Movies I’m looking forward to

First looking forward to satisfy my Sci-Fi side with Star Trek Into Darkness (Hate the title though)

My fucked up funny side can’t wait until The Hangover Part 3 comes out.

And Finally, my superhero side can’t fucking wait until the MAN OF STEEL ...

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