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Man Crush Monday – Tyler Rush aka Pup Amp

Have you met Tyler? I was spanking to porn last night and I kept coming back to some of Pup Amp’s work. Who is Tyler? Well, first – He’s the host of a YouTube series called Watts The Safeword, which I’ve advertised several times. Him and his co-host Cass Bolton give lots advice and speak positively with regards sexuality and practices of fetishes that’s both informative and helpful for many us that are clueless on certain practices.

Obviously Tyler has done many adult XXX scenes as well...

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Lick It Boy – NastyDaddy UNCUT Scene Review With Tyler Rush and Mr. Kristofer (NSFW)


Have you heard of the site NastyDaddy? I just discovered it recently and I love it! Lot of get great guys on it and a couple guys that I’ve followed for a while. In this review I’m looking at the scene with Tyler Rush and Mr. Kristofer Weston. They’re hot together just on their down time. Seeing in a new scene together is fucking amazing!

To watch this scene, head over to: NastyDaddy.com

If you can’t ...

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Fucking on the Job – A KinkMen / Bound Gods Scene UNCUT Review with Tyler Rush and JJ Knight

Fucking on the Job (3).Movie_Snapshot

Love Bound Gods and I especially love Tyler Rush being in it. The scene is not so intense that it would scare off non-fetish folks, but enough so that it will make you want more. JJ Knight has a huge dick and he uses it pretty damn good in this.

Check out my review on the scene below and when you’re done, see the actual scene at: KinkMen.Com

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This Scene Stars: Tyler Rush

Tyler Rush as Robin

JJ Knight

JJ Knight

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Speaking of Hot Fucking Robins – Tyler Rush aka Amp- Have you seen his Halloween Costume?

Tyler Rush as Robin

What a coincidence that I was talking about sexy ass Robin and my fetish to see him tied up and sexually violated, but then behold- Tyler Rush posts up some pics of his new Robin costume for Halloween! Holy fucking hell, he takes the idea of Robin to the highest sexiest way possible. I would love to see a series based on this character. I can just imagine him getting into all kinds of scrapes that Batman or Nightwing would have to save him from.

Robin in Prep - Tyler RushTyler Rush before Protecting Gotham

If you are unaware, Tyler has starred in some ...

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The Laundromat Spitroast – UNCUT Scene Review with Tyler Rush from the Bound in Public Series

The Laundromat Spitroast.Movie_Snapshot

Everyone loves Tyler Rush! I especially love following his exploits on KinkMen.com. He recently filmed a scene for their Bound in Public series. Basically the premise of this is that there is usually an antagonist that’s a bit of a dickhead and the surrounding men teach that guy a lesson. This is one of those scenes! Check out my thoughts on the scene in the vid below.

Check out my review on the scene below and when you’re done, see the actual scene at: KinkMen.Com

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Party Boy – Men on Edge UNCUT Scene Review from KinkMen.com – Tyler Rush

Party Boy Men on Edge Tyler Rush (2).Movie_Snapshot

Tyler Rush returns back to KinkMen.com for a new scene. This time, he’s a passed out frat guy that’s kidnapped…borrowed by Sebastian Keys and Branden Forrest

Check out my thoughts on this scene in the video below. To see the full scene, go to: KinkMen.com

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Tyler Rush 7

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Mercilessly Fucked in the Woods & Buried Alive – Bound Gods with Tyler Rush & Trenton Ducati


I am sure that everyone is already aware that KinkMen.Com has a Bound God series. If not, the premise usually involves some storyline where an unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your standpoint) is usually abducted against their will and sexually violated against their will. The whole scenario is of course scripted and the participants are interviewed before and/or after the video to display their compliance.

This week, the geektastically awesome Tyler Rush is captured by Trenton Ducati an...

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Not Brothers Yet – Part 2 – UNCUT Scene Review from Men.com

Here is Part 2 to Men.com’s ‘Not Brothers Yet’ series. I love Will Braun, he’s such a cutie!

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This scene stars: Will Braun

Will Braun

And Tyler Morgan

Tyler Morgan

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight- Tyler Rush!

Ok, I know that you’ve heard of Tyler Rush before from other sites, like CollegeDudes.com. But have you checked out his cosplaying skills? Holy fuck! He’s hotter than most of the guys I’ve ever met and his skills are through the roof! He should be doing this all the time.

I’m dying for him to go to a gay convention like Bent Con or maybe FlameCon. He’s hot, his costumes are all hand made, and he has a fucking hot ass! Those are my favorite combinations ever!

Check out his pics below and then che...

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A few awesome sex GIFs. My favorite kind! (The super sexy Tyler Sweets is in there too)(NSFW)

Don’t know which is my favorite- The accidental dick slap to the chin, the deep throating, the nipple play (which I have a big thing for), the double dick sucking, or Tyler Sweets.

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