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UltraMan Anime – Coming to Netflix in 2019

Anime Expo revealed a few new animations coming to Netflix in the near future. Besides getting a second season to Castlevania, we’re also getting UltraMan! Who is UltraMan? He is a superhero that fights Kaiju monsters with an array of special abilities that include size enhancements to grow as large as his adversary if necessary and he is heroic (usually). He technically never fought or teamed up with Godzilla, but there are very similar versions of both that have fought and teamed up...

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UltraFan – Naked Sword UNCUT Movie Review – Starring & Directed by Brent Corrigan (NSFW)


Oh yeah, this is fucking amazing! Naked Sword movies always deliver in the sex and with a well developed story. This time we have Brent Corrigan as a retired performer not wanting to get back into the porn business. Unfortunately for him, he is forced back into the game by a hardcore fan who has some secret dirt on him unless he jumps through a lot of hurdles put in front of him. Lots of great sex ensures and we have a very satisfying conclusion to this Naked Sword movie...

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