Thank you HNS Imagery for Taking These Modeling Pics (and making me so much hotter than I really am)!

This is last pic that I’ll post from the photoshoot that I did with HNS Imagery. This guy is totally spot on with his work and I feel like he made me into something much hotter than I am in real life, but you know what? I’ll totally own these pics. Don’t worry, the cropping out is really nothing, just like a tiny bit more cleavage, but not a lot.

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8 comments to Thank you HNS Imagery for Taking These Modeling Pics (and making me so much hotter than I really am)!

  • Avatar Devan  says:

    Never sell yourself short. You’re a muscle geek in a world of eye candy. Add that to a kind heart and a sparkling personality and you’re the dream guy for a lot of people. The only thing the photographer really did was highlight what was already there.

  • Avatar SamDixon  says:

    Hot Damn! Hubba! Hubba! Really Nice Body & A Great Personality Too! The Total Package!

  • Avatar Paul Goodwin  says:

    Don’t sell yourself too short – that qudratone (looks like black and white) shot only works because your body development is good. A pro wouldn’t have done that shot if you weren’t in shape.

    • admin admin  says:

      Ahhh, thank you so much. I don’t feel model material, but this made me feel better.

  • Avatar Medraut  says:

    dude you are SO hot dont sell your self short.

  • Avatar Cam  says:

    If you’d gone into porn instead of comic geekery, you’d be right up there with Johnny Rapid in popularity, I have no doubt in my mind about that. You should get some videos of how you work out to maintain your incredibly gorgeous hot body.

  • Avatar Therealjack  says:

    I disagree you are already hot, your body is better than lots of models and pornstars plus you have a beautiful face. You should actually model, underwear, sex toys or do porn you are ready for it

  • Avatar Mike  says:

    He didn’t have to do much. You are already super hot.

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