Thanks for the Andrew Christian ass-less Underwear Randall!

My buddy Randall hooked me up with some ass-less underwear from Andrew Christian a couple weeks ago and I completely forgot to post up some of the pics. You’re awesome dude!

image (3)

image (4)

Center>image (5)

21 comments to Thanks for the Andrew Christian ass-less Underwear Randall!

  • Robert Counihan  says:

    A couple of years back you pretended to be upset because we all wanted to spank you and now this? LOL! Oh yeah, you’re gettin spanked!

  • musclsvg  says:

    You look fuckin’ fant-ass-tic, Staffelcock!!! Great color, great cut and you fit in them really well. Plus, the waistband tells it like it is: Trophy Boy. After this Big Gayme Hunters will be stalking you in the urban jungles. Looking for a trophy to capture and mount.

  • Mark  says:

    Very sexy, Paul! Thanks for sharing!

  • JJ  says:

    You have a great ass! Hopefully your boyfriend appreciates it!

  • geekyfan  says:

    “Trophy Boy” indeed! You’ve got a really sexy “get over here” look in picture 5 there, flaunting your hot ass and arm muscles. Leaves the question “gotta catch em all” I guess them is every guy viewing this picture. 😀 Perfect angle on picture 3 showing one hard nipple when you leaned to the side like that. 😉

    As for the front shot, number 4, well I can be the slightest bit disappointed while being incredibly turned on. You’ve got wonderful pecs, abs, and those clenched hands there resting on your legs something super-mind numbingly hot about that. Coupled with the bracer which gives a bit of a dominance vibe, and the angle of the camera looking up at you. It all gives the impression, that you’re ordering a kneeling viewer “suck me”. All of that is incredibly hot and awesome, not everyone can be that sexy, it’s a skill. but then black underwear we can’t see anything in. It’s a huge, hot tease. (we can only hope pics 1 and 2 are hiding somewhere and they’re dick shots)

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and thanks to Randall for getting this all started! 😀

  • Dikxxx  says:

    Damn ! I would rim that ass so bad. Nice pictures Paul ! You are amazing !!

  • Ian  says:

    Sex on a stick enough said

  • Steven Rowe (@stevendrowe)  says:

    Looking forward to seeing you model Andrew Christian’s new line of underwear, the backless, sideless, frontless number.

  • DalTxBear  says:

    OMG!!! Daddy like!!!!

  • Travis Micheal Warren  says:

    That ass has me thinking some very naughty things Paul.

  • Shane  says:

    now lets see the same pic but with them in your mouth 😉

  • Glenn M.  says:

    Very Hotttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don  says:

    Paul that is just pure sex and its not fair. You look hot!!!!!

  • Jason Griswold  says:

    OMG. Love the photos!!

  • J.L. O'Faolain J.L. O'Faolain  says:

    Nice hat! 🙂

  • Andre Somma  says:

    I think I need to start an iPhoto gallery of sexy GCG pics.

  • F Gordon  says:

    Buy a lot more pairs. Wear the always.

  • david scanlon  says:

    i think they look hot on ya. get more form fitting undies

  • Ronald  says:


  • Cam  says:

    I wish I had a body which would look that good in assless underwear. *jealous*

  • Carlos E.  says:

    OMG Paul this is just not fair! my fave pants tore because i was looking at these pictures! If you could read my mind you would need a towel!

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